Solutions for Timber Construction Engineering and Commercial Constructions

Due to their excellent load-bearing capacity and special bending strength, solid wood elements are particularly widely used in timber construction engineering and commercial constructions for supporting large roof constructions and allowing multistory buildings to be constructed in a sustainable manner. Large dimensions and unusual shapes, such as contoured and curved components are a common feature of these constructions methods.

„Our solid wood portal allowed us to significantly increase our capacity. The machine is easy to operate and 100% reliable. It enables us to provide our customers with high-quality products on time.“

Thomas Schumm, Stephan Holzbau GmbH

Whether you process cross-laminated timber or glue-laminated timber, the WEINMANN solid wood portal is a solution that you can use in all fields.

The size and shape of the components mean that handling and logistics play a key role. With this in mind, WEINMANN offers various table and storage concepts that can be adapted to suit your requirements.

With a WEINMANN solution that incorporates all elements of your production process, you can increase precision as well as boosting efficiency.

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