Office Furniture

Customer-specific solutions, the creation of complete systems and excellent industry knowledge are the key elements that set apart the HOMAG team.

Automated Storage
Separating / Formatting / Nesting
Large parts edge banding Small parts edge banding Laminating / Sanding Purchased part commissioning
Sorting / Buffering
Drilling- and fitting insertion
Packaging / Shipment


Growing with the HOMAG Group!

The highly interlinked system concept for office furniture production offers you a complete solution from a single source. The latest machine technology and end-to-end control give you cost-effective industrial production up to batch size 1. This solution enables smooth processes from the warehouse to the assembly cell with effective use of space and minimal staffing requirements.

Everything from one source!

We offer high-tech solutions using the latest machine technology and continuous control in order to successfully plan sophisticated interlinked systems. Our solutions cover the full spectrum of systems, from series production to batch size 1. Fully networked! Everything from one source!

Batch size 1 production for office furniture

Project planning by HOMAG

We develop suitable solutions for the production of your bathroom, kitchen, office or home furniture. Right up to a fully networked system. From design to delivery. From the first meeting to completion of the project.

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