New Perspectives

Larger, more complex, more unique: The requirements applied to window production have become considerably more specific in recent years. New aesthetic requirements and increasingly unique window designs require a special solution.

We can offer you the technology and flexibility that you need.

Processing centers BMG 300

Sliding gantry processing centers for the universal processing of windows, doors, stairs and furniture parts — ideal for users with a wide range of products.

Processing centers BMG 500

Sliding gantry processing centers with heavy SORB TECH mineral compound machine bed. Extensive configuration possibilities so that windows, special elements and supplementary products can be produced at a high level of performance.

Processing centers BMB 800/900 powerProfiler

Processing centers for automated window production — from entry-level machines to plant concepts for industrial multi-shift operation. Autonomous processing thanks to automated loading and removal of parts. The additional console table allows both curved and surface parts to be processed. One machine for all components.

Window production: The 3. generation of the powerProfiler – dynamic, fast, precise and flexible

Project planning by HOMAG

HOMAG Systems develops the right solution for your window production. Right up to a fully networked system. From design to delivery. From the first meeting to completion of the project.

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