Software service — Intelligent digital solutions!

We can help you with installation, updates and licensing questions for all HOMAG software packages. Our software specialists have an extensive knowledge of programming solutions and industry packages to guarantee high productivity levels for your business.

Our technicians can support you with the following tasks:

  • Installation and licensing of HOMAG software
  • Program correction in woodWOP at the work preparation station
  • Advice on programming tasks
  • Software updates/upgrades
  • Services for digitalization and programming of components
  • Window and door programming

What solution can we develop with you to meet your software challenges? Contact us for more information.

Software updates/upgrades — Even more options!

Are you using a previous version of woodWOP or Cut Rite? Or would you like to update your production capabilities to reflect the state of the art via software updates or upgrades? A software update or upgrade gives you new functions that enhance your production and design options.

woodWOP — Our CNC programming system

Find out about the latest version of woodWOP on the market. For more details, see Software. We offer an attractive update package for customers who are using older versions of woodWOP. Contact us for more information.

Cut Rite — Cutting optimization

Customers with a software maintenance contract for Cut Rite can benefit from new developments and a professional support team!

MMR - Machine Monitoring and Reporting

Get to know MMR Office as a helpful tool for the evaluation of machine data! For more information, see our Software section.
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Window and door programming — Let us assist with your questions

Our windows team can assist with all requests regarding window software on CNC machines:

  • Support for adjusting existing woodWOP macros and correct activation of the machine
  • Optimization within the program sequence
  • Support and advice for programming tasks relating to window and door production

Are you looking for fast, professional support from our windows team? Then contact us now.