Laminating lines

Laminating Machines

Laminating is experiencing something of a renaissance in the field of decorative finishing of wood-based panels. Major trends such as natural and tactile structured surfaces are raising the bar for surfaces in the furniture industry. Today, technical innovations and continuous developments are making laminating a powerful, flexible, and reliable finishing procedure. Progress made in using hot-melt glues — and in particular, reactive PUR — is replacing entire generations of glues such as PVAc. Improved quality in resistance to moisture and temperature qualify PUR in particular for use as a binding agent between panels and surface films. The different requirements for surfaces in furniture manufacturing demand clever production solutions that can be achieved by utilizing the experience and solid process expertise of HOMAG. HOMAG has aligned and expanded its portfolio on this basis. Customized laminating technology for customer-specific solutions

Regardless of whether whether you produce furniture parts or flooring panels: HOMAG laminating systems offer a wide range of possibilities and are therefore the right solution for finishing the surfaces of your products.

  • Economic solutions for industrial mass manufacturers.
  • Application of hot-melt and reacTec glue using nozzles in the thinnest layers possible, without any stripes, evenly on the rear of a wide variety of finishing papers and films.
  • Processing of the common adhesives EVA and PO hot-melt, as well as the innovative reacTec hot sealing adhesive
  • Single-sided or double-sided laminating
  • The lamination of the surface or alternatively the surface and edge lamination
  • System configuration tailored to customer requirements