For even more performance and material throughput

Power Concept Classic 

  • An additional clamp on the program fence works independently and moves in front of the program fence if necessary
  • An algorithm adapted to the Power Concept Classic sorts the strips directly at the saw. (This is based on existing optimization data for the shortest machining times)
  • Good to know: if you choose Power Concept Classic, you will automatically receive the first air cushion table in a wider version. In addition, the saw is equipped with another start-stop key on the second air cushion table.

Power Concept Classic can be retrofitted easily at any time for machines manufactured in July 2021.

To ensure that the machine operator can cope with the increased material throughput quickly and safely, the combination with intelliGuide Classic is recommended. The innovative assistance system uses LED light signals at the cutting line to guide the operator safely, easily and quickly through the cutting process.

Power Concept Classic at a glance:

  • Up to 30% greater performance (depending on cutting pattern)
  • Lower costs per cut
  • Separate drive unit for fast and precise positioning
  • Power Concept Classic is ideal in combination with the intelliGuide Classic as it helps the machine operator with processing increased material throughput

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