Operator assistance system LED

intelliGuide is the first assistance system in the history of panel dividing technology that enables saws to respond to the actions of the machine operator in an intelligent and flexible manner. This means that you have full control over cutting and benefit from ideal processes. intelliGuide has a modular structure. It becomes more intelligent with each stage of expansion: from intelliGuide basic, to advanced, right through to professional. So you get exactly YOUR SOLUTION.

The benefits

  • Completely intuitive machine operation that verifiably leads to significantly shorter throughfeed times and increases the output
  • Systematic means of avoiding errors
  • Fast processes: Operator and saw work in tandem and no longer slow each other down
  • The operator can work through the cutting pattern without looking at the monitor
  • Fluid, ergonomic processes for efficient and concentrated work
  • Smooth change of operator possible at any time

The new intelliGuide operator assistance system is already available for all single saws of the 3, 4 and 5 series with cutting lengths of 3,200, 3,800, 4,300 and 5,600 mm.

Technology in the realm of panel cutting is becoming increasingly complex. This is why HOMAG is developing increasingly intelligent operating systems, such as the new operator assistance system LED! This effectively guides the operator, making saw operation faster, easier and more intuitive than ever.

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