HOMAG airTec is now even more powerful and almost inaudible

In the airTec process, the edge and panel are bonded using hot air. The innovative principle of the rotary air heater provides an efficient and economical energy source. This new source of energy heats the air and simultaneously serves as heat storage that can then be used to heat the air again. In addition, less air is required and the heating effect on the surrounding area is minimized.

Additional advantages:

  • Any noise is almost exclusively produced during the activation process and is below the noise level of other processing units
  • Rapid changeover between airTec and traditional gluing technology
  • Continuous use is possible with no reduction in the adhesive force of the edge
  • Operation is simple and intuitive via the powerTouch control system
  • ecoPlus function

HOMAG is a pioneer in zero-joint technology. It not only offers the airTec solution, but also the laserTec production process that has revolutionized the furniture industry. This technique uses a laser beam to melt the surface that is to be glued, which is then pressed directly onto the workpiece. This results in edges of the very highest quality. Due to patent restrictions, this solution can only be used with Rehau edging in Germany!

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