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    Multifunction bridge WMS 060:
    Profitability even with low quantities

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  • Schwalbenschwanz-Herstellung Abbundmaschine WEINMANN

    Processing of all 6 sides in one cycle
    with the carpentry machine
    WBZ 160 powerSIX

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  • WEINMANN Multifunction bridge WMS 150 blowTEC

    Multifunction Bridge WMS 150 blowTEC -
    A quantum leap in insulation

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Carpentry Machines

From fast cutting to complex beam processing the carpentry machines are equipped to tackle a wide range of processing tasks - from making a quick cut to completing a complex beam processing operation. Use the carpentry machines in carpentry applications, timber frame construction, half-timbered construction and prefabricated house construction.

Assembly Tables

Assembly tables enable you to easily manufacture timber frame construction elements with a high degree of dimensional accuracy.  They are suitable for a wide range of applications including wall, roof, floor and gable elements.

Framing Station & Combi Wall Systems

You are looking for a system for the production of your frame works? Whether you produce simple frame works or complex constructions WEINMANN offers you two options. The framing stations can be also integrated in a production line.

The space in your production hall is limited? Therefore the combi wall systems offers a comfortable solution. The frame work assembly and element sheeting takes place at one work station. Frameworks with sheeting one side can be produced with little space requirement.

Solid Wood Portals

Regardless of whether you're working on solid wood or commercial constructions or with laminated wooden beams the WEINMANN solid wood portals can handle all materials in these applications. You can choose between two machines which are different in capacity and processing possibilities. 

Timber Frame Production Lines

All timber work companies have their own specific demands and individual needs. We work with you to find the right solution for your company and your products. During the whole planing process we focus on your dedicated requirements in terms of capacity and product specification.

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