The software control for storage systems

With woodStore, HOMAG provides its storage systems with an intelligent control. It is the brain of each storage system and optimizes all processes in the storage. woodStore links the purchase system to the order processing, manages offcuts, and optimizes material movements. With its modules, the storage control calculates a storage organization that best fits customer‘s demands.

  • HOMAG woodStore Mobile Command

    Mobile Command - Different functions can be controlled via mobile devices in the machine’s wireless LAN

  • HOMAG woodStore User Management

    User Management - A storage operation that is controlled by persons, with up to 40 different user rights

  • HOMAG woodStore Smart Connected System

    Smart Connected System - Complete integration of optimization, saw, and storage into one cutting-to-size system


  • No search for panels: Easy panel handling with high type variety
  • Optimization of material handling: since only those quantities are stored that are needed in a predictable time
  • Cost savings: Offcuts are used up
  • Saving of personnel resources: Cutting and material provision are decoupled from each other
  • Reduction of no longer required stocks: Material consumption is coordinated with the ordering system and the order planning
  • No expensive downtimes: Operating machines are fully utilized
  • No disruption of production caused by lack of material: Optimization only uses
  • the available material for planning

  • Open data base system enables smooth integration

  • Smart Connected System: Complete integration of optimization, saw and storage to a cut system with appropriated interfaces

  • intelliStore: Flexible storage organisation, adapting itself automatically on production conditions

  • Complete offcut management prevents the buildup of offcut stock

  • Easy Edit production lists: Simple change of the orders and sequence

  • Different freely selectable storage strategies enable an easy adjustment on storage management to changing production scenarios

  • Optimization of the production sequence enables high capacity

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