VarioTec Self Assembly Table WTV 100

We Provide the Technology, You Build the Table

Assembly table as a flat-pack solution: We provide you with assembly instructions that you can use to easily build the table yourself. The WTV from WEINMANN provides you with a universal tool for producing timber frame walls, roof and floor elements and also frame walls.

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  • WEINMANN Self assembly table VarioTec WTV

    Selfassemblytable VarioTec WTV

  • WEINMANN selfassembly table with adjustment wall heights

    [Translate to English:] Wandhöhen sind stufenlos einstellbar von 400-3800 mm

  • WEINMANN selfassembly table for timber framing

    Creation of elements in timber frame construction

  • WEINMANN VarioTec with Pneumatic set

    central air supply with pneumatic set


  • Suitable as an entry-level solution: as a universal table for gable, roof, floor, wall or special elements, for example
  • Reduce costs with self-assembly
  • Can be expanded to a compact system with the carpentry table range
  • Wall heights are infinitely variable from 400 mm to 3,800 mm

  • Central air supply and control of the C-PowerTec clamping beams thanks to pneumatics

  • High level of dimensional accuracy thanks to the angular stop system

  • Option of expanding to tilt table is available

  • No settlement cracks thanks to individual clamping with the C-PowerTec clamping beams

  • The table is available in lengths of 7, 8, 10 and 12 m

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