Easy tool management: All data in one app

With toolManager you always have an overview of the available saw blades in your company. With all data stored by the tool manufacturer - on demand via tapio. In the near future we will add more and more tools - also for your CNC or edge banding machines. So you will be able to manage all tools centrally via one and the same app. Quite comfortably via your tablet or smartphone.


  • Manage all tools easily
  • No searching & reduced potential sources of errors
  • Data transfer to the machine by one click

  • Straightforward tool management
    Using the new toolManager, you can manage up to 50 tools: currently your saw blades, in the near future other tools too, for example, for your CNC and edge banding machines. 

  • Comprehensive
    Data stored includes saw blade type, diameter, blade plate thickness, recommended speeds, material restrictions etc.

  • Customizable
    Details of tool names, service life or sharpening cycles can be saved individually. Even tool pairs – consisting, for example, of a scoring saw blade and the respective main saw blade – can be defined and managed together.

  • No more lengthy searching
    The machine operator can conveniently access all the tool information on demand, without lengthy searching, directly from tapio. Manual input and the potential sources of error involved in this are significantly reduced.

  • Data transfer direct to the saw
    The retrieved information and tool data can be sent directly to the saw by a simple click. 

  • Independent of manufacturer
    Many manufacturers have already provided tool data – and more and more are doing so. Data for products from manufacturers not connected to tapio can alternatively be entered manually.

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