Storage system TLF 411

More potential for operating machines

A lot of leeway in combining operating machines and in panel variety make the TLF 411 the icon within the storage systems. This storage system offers high efficient logistics for industry and handicraft.

  • Horizontal storage system 411

    No disruption of production caused by lack of material

  • Horizontal storage system TLF 411

    Intelligent logistics as a key for success

  • Horizontal storage system TLF 411

    Reduction of the utilized capital from storing up to sawing


  • High material variety, whether plastic, plexiglass, laminates, coated or uncoated panels
  • High flexibility of the extension in length and width
  • Standard interfaces for integration of different operating machines
  • Low resource consumption by means of automatic offcut management, also for panels that do not fit into the storage

  • Span width up to 16 m, and travel length up to 50 m and more

  • Panel weight up to 350 kg and panel length up to 5,600 mm

  • Controlled, low vibration travel movements also in the max. extension

  • Failure-free transport also on structured surfaces

  • High stability of double scissors for exact panel handling

  • Handling of plastic panels

Basic machineWith additional equipment
Span width [mm]5,00016,000
Frame length [mm]10,00050,000
Speed of Bridge [m/min.]60Max. 35% increase in performance by increasing accelerations and speeds
Speed of carriage [m/min.]80
Speed lifting drive [m/min.]30
Workpiece length [mm]2,000 - 4,200max. 5,600
Workpiece width [mm]800 - 2,200min. 400
Workpiece thickness raw boards [mm]from 12from 3
Panel weight [kg]250350
Stack height [mm]2,1001,500 - 2,500

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