Storage system TLF 211

Logistics with appreciable optimization effects

Whether a panel spectrum as large as possible, high speed, or full equipment. Transportation routes are optimized, material and time are measurably saved by using the horizontal storage system. The TLF 211 is intelligent logistics with noticeable optimization effects.

  • Horizontal storage system TLF 211

    Handling with profit, the TLF 211 is profitable even in smallest space

  • Horizontal storage system TLF 211

    Suction traverse ST 61 even in the standard


  • Effective operating center - standard interfaces interlink the TLF 211 with other machines
  • Fast amortization - the combination with a saw already pays off with 20 panels to be cut per day
  • High flexibility - ideal use of the available space even in smallest rooms
  • Productivity increase - up to 40 % with constant number of personnel

  • Wellthought-out material management - optimal material use up to offcut parts

  • Intelligent stand by - the machines only consumes energy, when it is moving

  • Handling of coated panels from 8 mm thickness even in the standard due to suction traverse ST 61

Basic machineWith additional equipment
Span width [mm]5,00012,000
Frame length [mm]10,00050,000
Bridge [m/min.]60Max. 25% increase in performance by increasing accelerations and speeds
Carriage 80 m [m/min.]80
Lifting drive [m/min.]30
Workpiece length [mm]2,000 - 4,200max. 5,600
Workpiece width [mm]800 - 2,200min. 400
Workpiece thickness raw boards [mm]from 12from 3
Workpiece coatedfrom 8from 3
Panel weight [kg]250250
Stack height [mm]2,1001,500 - 2,500

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