Spray machines Type GSF 100

From manual spray coating to automated finishing equipment

Trends change, often within short periods of time. However, the demand of many end customers for high-quality furniture surfaces remains. As a manufacturer, the best way to meet your customers’ demand for first-class furniture and well-made interior fittings is with spay coated surfaces. Painted workpieces set themselves apart with their excellent properties. Whether you manufacture furniture, kitchen or office furniture, interior fittings, stair components... With the new GSF 100 series of spray machines, HOMAG offers you the appropriate and reliable solution for your high-quality surfaces.

  • The additional unit on the spray machine optimizes air distribution and airflow within the spray booth

  • The disposable paper is for covering purposes only of the vacuum conveyor belt

  • An ergonomic and flexible solution for quickly changing the spray guns

  • For fast color changes, this option allows you to easily switch between a cleaning circuit and up to three fluid circuits.

  • Workpiece contours are accurately detected by a high resolution light grid

  • With the two-way function of the rack trolley loading as an option, the production volume can be further increased.

  • A perfect addition for spraying small batches with different colors


  • Space-saving - compact machine, exhaust air unit and switch cabinet integrated in the machine frame
  • Efficient - precision parts detection enables exact control of spray guns and therefore optimum paint saving
  • Reliable - Monitoring of paper tension, paper breakage and paper winding
  • User-friendly and easily accessible - optimal view of the interior due to glazing on all sides

  • Single oscillating arm for four spray guns

  • Large filters are easily accessible and replaceable for cleaning and maintenance

  • Vacuum conveyor belt covered with disposable paper

  • Fluid circuit with quick change couplings

  • Small machine dimensions - since the filters, air extraction system, and switch cabinet are fully integrated into the machine frame

GSF seriesGSF 100 PGSF 100 SHGSF 100 SH DGSF 100 S
Production volume2400 parts600 parts1200 parts450 parts
One-man operationNOYESYESNO
Small parts > 260 mmNOYESYESYES
Length x width (mm)3.850 x 3.6607.500 x 5.2008.850 x 5.2006.200 x 5.200
System can be expandedYESConditionalNOConditional
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