Solid Wood Portal WMP 240

Maximum dynamics and flexibility for processing solid wood elements

The WEINMANN WMP 240 solid wood portal is designed for speed and precision. Faced with solid wood and commercial constructions or laminated wooden beams, this machine processes materials with a width of up to 5.6 m and a length of 60 m or more at a high speed and accuracy level. A workpiece thickness of 350 mm is processed as standard, while a thickness of up to 600 mm can also be tackled with the flangeless saw blade.

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    18-slot tool changer: individual configurable

  • WEINMANN disc router

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  • WEINMANN underfloor unit

    Fully automated processing of all sides with the underfloor unit

  • WEINMANN sawing unit Flex 35

    Sawing unit Flex 35

  • WEINMANN 5-axis solid wood portal

    Interpolating 5-axis processing

  • WEINMANN Solid Wood Portal WMP

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  • Considerable time savings thanks to the high processing speed with a peak power of up to 30 kW
  • Wide processing range offered by the FLEX35 sawing unit and 18-slot tool changer, which allows unique tool configurations such as a chainsaw, drill, saw, trimmer and marker
  • Variety of different shapes and materials can be processed, including cross-laminated timber, glue-laminated timber and laminated wooden beams
  • Maximum accuracy thanks to precision linear guides and interpolating 5-axis processing technology
  • Optional bracket and nailing units allow planks to be automatically mounted on the solid wood core

  • Swiveling, high-performance FLEX35 sawing unit with a 350-mm cutting depth and independent 5-axis spindle

  • Horizontal bore holes can be created on all sides at virtually any angle to a depth of 1.25 m, using the optional deep hole drilling unit

  • Fully automated processing of all six sides of a component with the optional underfloor trimming unit

  • Compatible with various table concepts, such as the console table or turning tables

  • Simple tool maintenance thanks to the modern powerTouch operating concept with drag and drop functionality and much more

  • Professional CAM software featuring simulation, BTL editor and collision monitoring

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