Solid Wood Portal WALLTEQ M-540

A high-performance and precise solution for panel processing tasks

The WALLTEQ M-540 from WEINMANN can fully automatically process a variety of different panel materials at the highest level of precision, including solid wood elements, sandwich elements, cross-laminated timber, glue-laminated timber or laminated wooden beams. The solid wood portal can processes maximum timber dimensions of up to 5.6 m in width, 60 m or more in length plus a thickness of up to 200 mm.

(Solid Wood Portal WMP 220)

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  • Multilayer solid wood and timber frame elements can be finished using the optional bracket and nailing units
  • Maximum accuracy thanks to precision linear guides and interpolating 5-axis processing technology
  • Highly dynamic performance for all processing tasks with a peak power of up to 30 kW
  • Unique tool configurations provide flexibility for a range of applications: The 18-slot tool changer can be used with a chainsaw, drill, saw, trimmer or marker
  • Different dimensions and shapes can be processed, including contoured and curved components

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  • 5-axis head with an 18-slot tool changer and pickup station for a flangeless saw blade (a workpiece thickness of up to 600 mm can be processed)

  • Horizontal bore holes can be created on all sides at virtually any angle to a depth of 1.25 m, using the optional deep hole drilling unit

  • Fully automated processing of all six sides of a component with the optional underfloor trimming unit

  • Automatic component measurement (optional) enables simple, rapid handling

  • Compatible with various table concepts, such as the console table or turning tables

  • Professional CAM software featuring simulation, BTL editor and collision monitoring

  • Simple tool maintenance thanks to the modern powerTouch operating concept with drag and drop functionality and much more

Max. element thickness200 [mm]
Max. element width5,600 [mm]
Element length any

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