Processing centers CENTATEQ P-300

Attractive package prices from the tried and tested CENTATEQ P-300 kit for your desired machine

Excellent price-performance ratio – CENTATEQ processing centers offer individuality at stand-ard prices. Superior technology and an individual setup for optimum efficiency in your manu-facturing processes. Take your pick from the modules in the CENTATEQ P-300 series and benefit from one of our attractively priced packages.

(Processing centers BMG 300 Venture BMG311)


  • Easily configure the ideal machine to meet your requirements and enjoy savings on our CENTATEQ equipment packages
  • Optimum view into the machine during processing
  • Professional equipment at entry-level prices
  • Flexible expansion options to meet future challenges

  • Heavy-duty machine frame and stable sliding gantry design

  • Bumper safety technology with dynamic pendulum field

  • Rapid processing thanks to separate Z axes for spindle and drill head

  • Flexible use of units and gluing units thanks to 4-axis spindles with interpolating C axis or 5-axis trimming spindles with patented unit interfaces

  • Easy access to processing units and edge magazine from the front

  • Optimum view into the machine during processing

Workpiece length X – individual processing (all Units) [mm]3,3004,2006,000
Workpiece length X – alternating processing* (all Units) [mm]1,0201,4702,370
Workpiece width Y – with tool diameter 25 mm (rear stop) [mm]1,5501,5501,550
Workpiece width Y – all units in main spindle (rear stop) [mm]1,4001,4001,400
Workpiece width Y – all units in main spindle (front stop) [mm]1,0501,0501,050
Workpiece width Y – gluing [mm]1,5001,5001,500
Workpiece thickness Z – from console [mm]270270270


Some workpiece parameters may depend on the tools used. Please see the relevant brochure for further technical data.

*Dimension with central division. Pendulum field size adjusted dynamically to component size.

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