Processing centers CENTATEQ E-300

Your entry into CNC edge banding on shaped parts

For universal CNC processing with edge banding on shaped parts, this CNC machine offers the ideal solution for the trade sector and for suppliers. The CENTATEQ E-300 achieves a high level of performance in a small space thanks to the compact arrangement of the units and the free choice of configuration, with processing spindles, drilling gears and tool changers. Opt for our all-round entry-level solution for your production needs.

(Processing centers BMG 300/V Venture BMG312/V)


  • Compact design and high performance: Our smallest CNC machine with three processing units
  • Highly flexible thanks to a combination of edge banding and high-performance trimming
  • Edge materials can be inserted and changed quickly and easily from the front
  • Optimum view into the machine during processing

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    Effective suction at low connected load thanks to optimized detection and removal of chips

  • Your new processing center is aligned and configured to meet your specific requirements

  • Heavy-duty machine frame and stable sliding gantry design

  • Bumper safety technology with dynamic pendulum field

  • Efficient drilling and grooving using high-speed drill heads with quick release and spindle clamp with up to 35 spindles and groove saw

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    Reduced power consumption thanks to standby mode for all power components at the push of a button or automatically after a defined time interval

CENTATEQ E-300/33/42/60
Workpiece length X – individual processing (all Units) [mm]3,3004,2006,000
Workpiece length X – alternating processing* (all Units) [mm]1,0201,4702,370
Workpiece width Y – with tool diameter 25 mm (rear stop) [mm]1,5501,5501,550
Workpiece width Y – all units in main spindle (rear stop) [mm]1,4001,4001,400
Workpiece width Y – all units in main spindle (front stop) [mm]1,0501,0501,050
Workpiece width Y – gluing [mm]1,5001,5001,500
Workpiece thickness Z – from console [mm]270270270


Some workpiece parameters may depend on the tools used. Please see the relevant bro-chure for further technical data.

*Dimension with central division. Pendulum field size adjusted dynamically to component size.

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