Panel dividing saw HPS 320 flexTec

Its advantages in batch size 1 production: individual cutting, fully automated production processes, unlimited recuts.

The HPS 320 flexTec is a revolutionary cutting cell to custom cut single panels. This innovation is based on a concept that totally redefines the parts flow in order-based production and allows single panels to be custom cut under batch production conditions.

  • HPS 320 flexTec: active strip buffer

    Active strip buffer: the robot deposits the strips here. Subsequently, they are automatically fed to the rear machine table.

  • HPS 320 flexTec: robust clamps

    Robust clamps automatically position the panels on the cutting line.

  • HPS 320 flexTec with dustEx technology

    dustEx combination air jets guide dust and chips straight to the extraction system at the right-angled fence.

  • HPS 320 flexTec: rear machine table

    The rear machine table features lengthwise and crosswise alignment and roller rails for material-friendly transport.

  • HPS 320 flexTec: outfeed with labeling

    The robot deposits parts on the outfeed with fully automatic labeling – correctly oriented for subsequent processing. (Option)

  • HPS 320 flexTec: lengthwise and crosswise alignment

    Lengthwise and crosswise alignment: panels from the store arrive here; the robot places parts to be recuts here; and strips are moved here from the machine table.

  • HPS 320 flexTec: robot with suction traverse

    The robot with suction traverse deals with the handling of panels, strips and parts – automatically, flexibly, accurately and efficiently.

  • HPS 320 flexTec: parts buffer for recuts

    Parts buffer for recuts – the robot temporarily stores certain parts here.

  • HPS 320 flexTec: extraction system

    The cutting direction is towards the right-angled fence. This prevents the panels from shifting and optimizes extraction.

  • HPS 320 flexTec: program fence

    Innovative program fence for lasting precision, low maintenance requirements, material-friendly handling and maximum availability.


  • Multiple recuts completed fully automatically and very flexible cutting pattern layout: thanks to leading-edge robotic technology – without manual effort, without interrupting the production process, without limit.
  • Production capacity of up to 1,500 parts per shift
  • High material yield because the cutting cell has been optimized to custom cut single panels.
  • Low space requirement and energy consumption because the need for feed-stacking, intermediate storage or the use of a turning device has been eliminated and the HPS 320 flexTec manages with just one saw.
  • Ideal for industry and woodworking shops, because the cell can be fed by an automatic storage system or – for even more power – integrated in industrial production lines.

  • The industrial robot undertakes all the panel handling

  • The automatic ejecting device transports all the parts away from the cutting line and back into the work area of the robot

  • Software-controlled waste flap – opens and closes in sync with the machine

  • An automatic labeling system labels all the finished parts

  • All parts leave the saw in the correct orientation

Saw blade projection58 [mm]
Cutting length3,200/4,300 [mm]
Panel dimensionsmax. 3,150 x 2,200 mm for 3,200 mm cutting length
max. 4 300 x 2 200 [mm] for 4,300 mm cutting length
Part sizemax. 2,400 x 1,200 mm / min. 240 x 80 [mm]
Saw carriage speedup to 150 [m/min]
Program fence speedup to 90 [m/min]
Main saw motor5.5 [kW]
Operating softwareCADmatic PROFESSIONAL



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