Panel dividing saw HPP 400 Plastics

This panel dividing saw is every bit as versatile as your demands are varied and can handle nearly all types of plastic panels – also when dealing with larger quantities and cutting in books.

With the HPP 400 P, you benefit from a saw designed for cutting plastic materials that, in its standard version, already offers you all the technical features you expect in this performance category.

  • Clamps for narrow parts

    Clamps for narrow parts make it possible to clamp narrow strips (option).

  • Cutting and kerfing

    Kerf workpieces directly on the panel saw – that saves time and costs (option).

  • Manual angle cut device

    Manual angle cuts: fast, efficient and gentle on material thanks to automatic calculation and adjustment of the angle (option).

  • Saw carriage with integrated minimal spray device for the main saw blade

    Saw carriage with integrated minimal spray device for the main saw blade (option).

  • Multi-directional rollers

    Multi-directional rollers: for less frictional resistance, significantly easier handling and improved ergonomics (option).

  • Automatic labeling near the pressure beam

    Automatic labeling during the ongoing cutting process – for error-free labeling and detailed parts identification (option).

  • Rollers for scratch-sensitive surfaces

    Special rollers for processing scratch-sensitive surfaces (option).

  • Automatic outfeed fence

    Automatic outfeed fence: pushes panel remnants from the rear machine table across the cutting line to the front (option).

  • Destacking concept

    Destacking concept: guides the operator from depositing the first part to forming the perfect stacked pallet (option).

  • Label printer

    Custom-designed labels for parts identification: for automatic program selection on downstream machines (option).


  • Flexible and versatile thanks to the wide choice of optional features
  • Fast single saw due to high feed speed and 125 mm saw blade projection
  • Precise due to virtually chip-free cuts, even when processing very thin material

  • Available in two cutting lengths – 3,200 mm or 4,300 mm

  • Reverse cutting for precise cutting of thin materials such as PETG

  • CADmatic machine control with the “material-dependent parameters” module for short setup times

  • Technologies developed specifically for plastic materials, such as the frequency-controlled main saw motor, special saw blades, narrow-finger clamps and optimized extraction system

Saw blade projection125 [mm]
Cutting length3,200/4,300 [mm]
Program fence speed90 [m/min]
Saw carriage speed0.1-130 [m/min] (150 [m/min] as option)
Main saw motor (frequency controlled)18 [kW]
Operating softwareCADmatic 5
Monitor19" TFT flat panel touchscreen monitor

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