Panel dividing saw HPP 300

Individually equipped single saw for trade and industry – for a wide range of cutting applications and ready for networked production.

High performance in a compact space is the strong point of the HPP 300. This panel dividing saw is suitable for producing in batch size 1 as well as in smaller series and is ready for connection to automatic horizontal storage systems.

  • module45 – the cutting-edge option for precise bevel cuts

    module45: rip, cross and bevel cuts all on one saw. Quick, simple, stepless adjustment for angles from 1 to 46 degrees (option).

  • intelliGuide: fast, simple, intuitive

    The intuitive Operator Assistance System LED visually guides the operator through the processing steps by means of an LED light strip (option).

  • Automatic angle cut device

    Fully automatic angle cuts thanks to automatic calculation and adjustment of the angle – fast, efficient and with maximum care of material (option).

  • combiTec

    combiTec saves material, time, money and manual work steps: due to automatic recuts during the regular cutting process (option).

  • Cut-out option

    Cut-out option for simple creation of cut-outs, much easier handling than on a sliding table saw (option).

  • dustEx technology

    dustEx air jets transport dust and chips towards the right-angled fence: improves extraction and prevents scratches.

  • Pneumatically operated trim stops

    Pneumatically operated trim stops: for precise positioning and safe processing of sensitive materials (option).

  • Power Concept PRACTIVE

    The Power Concept PRACTIVE boosts output by up to 40 %, significantly shortens work cycles and reduces unit costs (option).

  • Turning device for headcuts

    Turning device for headcuts: significantly increases performance with suitable cutting patterns and reduces the amount of handling required (option).

  • Power Concept PROFESSIONAL

    The Power Concept PROFESSIONAL boosts output by up to 40 %, significantly shortens work cycles and reduces unit costs (option).


  • Designed for smooth material flow and precise logistics process
  • Also suitable for networked production processes
  • The saw can be expanded to meet increasing requirements: many options can be retrofitted
  • Compact design, extremely rugged
  • Operational flexibility thanks to custom configurations

  • Dimensionally accurate program fence

  • Rugged pressure beam for first-class cut quality

  • Central side pressure device: integrated directly in the saw carriage, which shortens cycle times

  • Control software CADmatic 5

    – Intuitively understandable
    – Full HD widescreen multi-touch monitor
    – Harmonized user interface powerTouch
    –3D real-time process graphic
    – Graphically supported diagnostics

  • Ergonomic table height of 920 mm

Saw blade projection80 [mm] (95 [mm] as option)
Cutting length3,200/3,800/4,300/5,600 [mm]
Program fence speed90 [m/min]
Saw carriage speedup to 130 [m/min] (150 [m/min] as option)
Main saw motor

11 [kW] (13.5 or 18 [kW] as option)

Operating softwareCADmatic 5

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