Panel dividing saw HPP 200

The right saw for cutting panels horizontally in the crafts sector: attractively priced, efficient and upgradeable.

The HPP 200 offers you exactly what you need in a woodworking shop to cut panels horizontally: plenty of power, precision and flexibility. That’s because this well-equipped saw can easily be upgraded at any time. You remain flexible and get a cutting solution that can grow in line with your requirements.

  • module45 – the cutting-edge option for precise bevel cuts

    module45: rip, cross and bevel cuts all on one saw. Quick, simple, stepless adjustment for angles from 1 to 46 degrees (option).

  • Cut-out option

    Cut-out option for simple creation of cut-outs, much easier handling than on a sliding table saw (option).

  • Manual trim stops

    Manually operated trim stops: for precise positioning and safe processing of sensitive materials (option).

  • Easy2Feed

    Easy2Feed is a low-cost automatic feeding solution that saves time and space, is ergonomic and can be retrofitted (option).

  • Grooving

    Grooving on the panel saw saves time, is easy to operate and is even suitable for insertion grooves and rear wall grooves (option).

  • Label printer

    Custom-designed labels for parts identification: for automatic program selection on downstream machines (option).

  • Pneumatically operated trim stops

    Pneumatically operated trim stops: for precise positioning and safe processing of sensitive materials (option).

  • Postforming

    The postforming unit ensures a chip-free cut for softforming and postforming panels (option).

  • Power Concept PRACTIVE

    The Power Concept PRACTIVE boosts output by up to 40 %, significantly shortens work cycles and reduces unit costs (option).

  • Stress-elimination cut

    The stress-elimination cut releases the tension in the material, thus improving the dimensional accuracy (option).


  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Low-noise and virtually maintenance-free saw carriage
  • Cutting lengths up to 4,300 mm

  • Chopping edge on the right-angled fence

  • Ready for simple stock control connection

  • Quick-release system Power-Loc makes changing the saw blade of the main saw and scoring saw easier and faster

  • All-round protective guard for more storage space under the rear machine table

  • Manual pressure regulation for processing pressure-sensitive material, located in the operating area and so easily accessible

  • Control software CADmatic PRACTIVE

    – Easy to understand
    – Graphically supported diagnostics
    – 19" TFT flat screen monitor

Saw blade projection60 [mm] (80 [mm] as option)
Cutting length3,200/3,800/4,300 [mm]
Program fence speedup to 80 [m/min]
Saw carriage speedup to 80 [m/min] (up to 120 [m/min] as option)
Main saw motor7.5 [kW] (9.2 [kW] as option)
Operating softwareCADmatic PRACTIVE
Monitor19" TFT flat screen monitor



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