Panel dividing saw HPP 130

Top quality at the best possible price: the smallest saw in the HOMAG range is equipped as standard with everything you need for cutting single panels and small batches.

The HPP 130 panel saw costs hardly any more than a well-equipped sliding table saw, while providing a much more precise and efficient cutting process. This is achieved by proven HOMAG technologies and a clearly perceptible increase in automation and processing capabilities. In short, the HPP 130 panel-sizing saw makes it easier than ever for you to ease your way into the world of precision manufacturing.

  • module45 – the cutting-edge option for precise bevel cuts

    module45: rip, cross and bevel cuts all on one saw. Quick, simple, stepless adjustment for angles from 1 to 46 degrees (option).

  • Grooving

    Grooving on the panel saw saves time, is easy to operate and is even suitable for insertion grooves and rear wall grooves (option).

  • Label printer

    Custom-designed labels for parts identification: for automatic program selection on downstream machines (option).

  • Cutting pattern optimization in the office

    Cutting pattern optimization in the office – for precise project control, efficient cutting processes, cost control and faster pricing (option).

  • Stress-elimination cut

    The stress-elimination cut releases the tension in the material, thus improving the dimensional accuracy (option).


  • Saw for single panels and small series
  • For newcomers and upgraders: super price, super performance
  • Automatic cutting: ergonomic, reliable, efficient
  • Extensive standard features: everything you need

  • Pressure beam with large-area pressure zone directly at the cutting line: ensures precise cutting results – also when cutting books

  • Central side pressure device integrated directly in the saw carriage for short cycle times

  • 3 air cushion tables, each 500 mm wide, for easy and gentle panel handling

  • Control software CADmatic PRACTIVE

    – Easy to understand
    – Graphically supported diagnostics
    – 19" TFT flat screen monitor

  • All-round protective guard for more storage space under the rear machine table

Saw blade projection60 [mm]
Cutting length3,200 [mm]
Program fence speedup to 60 [m/min]
Saw carriage speedup to 60 [m/min]
Main saw motor5.5 [kW] (7.5 [kW] as option)
Operating softwareCADmatic PRACTIVE
Monitor19" TFT flat screen monitor

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