Panel dividing saw HKL 500

Plenty of output in a short time: the fully automated angular saw unit of the 5 series sets the benchmark in industrial manufacturing and is particularly powerful.

The HKL 500 was designed for continuous industrial use. As an angular saw unit it scores high in cutting thanks to the technological advantages of the 5 series, its size and power, and its flexibility in terms of configuration. This high-tech saw is ideal for multi-shift production environments and for integration in industrial production lines.

  • Automatic angle cut device

    Fully automatic angle cuts thanks to automatic calculation and adjustment of the angle – fast, efficient and with maximum care of material (option).

  • dustEx technology

    dustEx air jets transport dust and chips towards the right-angled fence: improves extraction and prevents scratches.

  • Micro-feed for thin panels

    Micro-feed units for thin panels work very precisely thanks to a non-contact measuring system and shorten the cycle times (option).

  • Panel labeling system

    The panel labeling system saves time and guides the operator (option).

  • Pneumatically operated trim stops

    Pneumatically operated trim stops: for precise positioning and safe processing of sensitive materials (option).

  • Postforming

    The postforming unit ensures a chip-free cut for softforming and postforming panels (option).

  • Power Concept PROFESSIONAL

    The Power Concept PROFESSIONAL boosts output by up to 40 %, significantly shortens work cycles and reduces unit costs (option).

  • Cutting pattern optimization in the office

    Cutting pattern optimization in the office – for precise project control, efficient cutting processes, cost control and faster pricing (option).

  • Stress-elimination cut

    The stress-elimination cut releases the tension in the material, thus improving the dimensional accuracy (option).

  • Turning device for headcuts

    Turning device for headcuts: significantly increases performance with suitable cutting patterns and reduces the amount of handling required (option).


  • Angular saw unit for industrial use
  • High output due to fully automatic rip and cross cutting
  • Suitable as a stand-alone solution or for integration in production lines
  • High level of machine availability on account of wear-free, maintenance-free components

  • Rugged, torsion-resistant saw carriage with infinitely adjustable feed speed for maximum dynamics and precision

  • Logo ecoPlus

    Saw body made of SORB TECH – advantages over steel girder designs:

    – 10 times better vibration dampening
    – 20% higher sound absorption
    – 30% longer saw blade life
    – 40% lower consumption of primary energy during its production

  • Main saw raised pneumatically, for higher positioning speed and easier maintenance

  • Maintenance-free lifting table for automatic feeding from the rear

  • Control software CADmatic 5

    – Intuitively understandable
    – Full HD widescreen multi-touch monitor
    – Harmonized user interface powerTouch
    – 3D real-time process graphic
    – Graphically supported diagnostics

Saw blade projection150 [mm] (170 [mm] as option)
Cutting length, cutting width
Lift table width
rip saw: 3,200/4,300/5,600 [mm]
cross cut saw: 2,200/2,700 [mm]
2,200 [mm]
Program fence speedRip saw: 90 [m/min], cross cut saw: 140 [m/min]
Saw carriage speedup to 130 [m/min] (150 [m/min] as option)
Main saw motor18 [kW] (36 [kW] at 50 [Hz], or 42 [kW] at 60 [Hz] as option)
Operating softwareCADmatic 5



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