Multifunction Bridge WALLTEQ M-380 with insolation plate

A quantum leap in insulation

The WALLTEQ M-380 with insolation plate offers you the semi-automated or fully automated insulation of your timber construction elements such as external walls, roof and floor elements, as well as gable triangles or special elements. The CNC-controlled multifunction bridge positions the blow-in plate exactly above the re-spective frame work compartment. All data such as position, shape and size are stored in the CAD and are passed on to the blow-in plate via the interface.

(Multifunction Bridge WMS 150 blowTEC)

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  • Humanization of the work processes, due to significantly reduced dust exposure for the employees and ergonomic workflows
  • Quality assurance through consistent documentation and documented filling quantities
  • Optimal and consistent insulation density in each frame work compartment through automatic determination of the filling quantity
  • Substantial material savings, since no material waste is generated and storage is simplified
  • High efficiency thanks to quick and constant insertion of the insulation material without an operator

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  • Positioning of the blow-in plate with utmost precision above the respective frame work compartment

  • Automatic data transfer (position, shape, size) from all established CAD programs

  • Easy operation with the intuitive user interface powerTouch

  • Increased flexibility with regard to insulation material: cellulose, wood fiber, mineral wool and much more are possible

  • Simplified workflows and space savings through optimized logistics

  • There are 2 variants available for different performance requirements: 

    • Combination with blow-in plate for fully automatic blowing-in
    • Combination with blow-in plate as well as nailing/clamping devices and 12-position tool changer: fully automated blowing-in, fully automated fastening (nailing, clamping) and fully automated machining (sawing, milling, Drilling)

Max. element width3,200 [mm]
optional: 4,200 [mm]
Max. element height500 [mm]
Max. element lengthcustomer specific up to 50 [m], or greater lengths possible
Blow-in powerapprox. 1,000 [p / h]
Time required per wall element
10 x 2,7 x 0,2 [m]

(length x height x thickness)
20 [min]

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