Multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-120

Profitability even for small quantities

The multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-120 allows you to create wall elements, roof elements, floor or gable elements at highest precision. The wide range of applications allows you to process a wide variety of wall structures and materials quickly and easily - all this at an excellent price-performance ratio!

(Multifunction bridge WMS 060)

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  • Flexible processing of various element types: door and window openings as well as recesses for electrical sockets and much more.
  • High machining accuracy thanks to CNC technology
  • Production of elements with up to 12 m in length on a floor space of just 90 m²
  • Entry solution with the lowest acquisition costs for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • fastenerSwitch​​​​​​​
    The first quick change system for fastening units

  • Two ways of data entry:

    • Fully automated data transfer from the CAD program via wupWorks 3
    • Fast and direct data entry on the machine via the easyRun software tool
      Particularly suitable for simple processing such as the nailing of the sheathing
  • Easy operation with the intuitive user interface powerTouch

  • Automatic fastening of the sheathing by means of two stapling and nailing devices

  • Fully automatic production of the recesses for windows, doors and socket outlets by means of the routing unit

  • Adjustment and compensation of thickness variations in the element by scanning routing unit

  • Can be combined with various work tables

  • Ensuring the statics by ensuring correct edge distances and fastener distances

  • Fully interpolating routing of free-form shapes such as circles, curves or diagonal cuts

Min processing height 75 [mm]
Max processing height500 [mm]
Max processing width3.600 [mm]
Processing lengthcustomer specific 

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