Multi rip saw FSQ 310: Flexible cross cut saws

Throughfeed saw for industrial furniture and floor manufacturers

This cross saw is a specialist solution for dividing workpieces in the form of strips or panels on production lines for furniture parts or floor elements. The FSQ 310 is also a highly flexible machine: The transport units can be moved (manually or automatically) and top roll pressure devices can be positioned at the same time to allow the cutting width to be easily modified.

  • Sliding transport chain FSQ 310

    Sliding transport chain FSQ 310

  • Outfeed of the FSQ 310 HOMAG

    Outfeed of the FSQ 310


  • Excellent performance from the solid drive shaft with a diameter of 80 mm
  • Cam chains on both sides of the saw unit enable cost-effective operation, even when multiple cuts are required
  • No tearing occurs on the top surface since the saw units operate from underneath
  • Good suction performance directly on the saw units using a central suction channel

  • Modular configuration allows the number of transport systems and saw units to be varied

  • Workpiece feed device at one level for workpieces with a delicate surface layer

  • Workpiece magazine delivers a high performance level (optional)

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