intelliLaminating App

The digital multifunction tool for all operators of laminating systems

The intelliLaminating app offers support in laminating system operation. The app provides various digital tools that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the laminating system. These tools can help minimize errors, make production more efficient and open up new potentials for optimization. And the best thing: The intelliLaminating app is perfect for all machine operators from trade and industry — regardless of the manufacturer of the machine.


  • Determine the service life of the application rollers
  • Monitor the coil lengths of coating materials
  • Calculate the quantity of glue applied per m²

  • Determine the service life of the application rollers:

    Visual representation of the hardness profile of application rollers on the glue application machine over the entire duration of use.

    Multiple application rollers can be created and their aging process logged based on regular Shore hardness measurements.

    The app uses the measured values entered to predict the remaining service life of your application rollers, thus providing you with a helpful orientation.

    This is useful for detecting possible influencing factors and initiating suitable measures in good time.

  • Monitor the coil length of your coating material:

    With the intelliLaminating app, you can quickly determine the length of material on a roller/coil.

    You can quickly check whether the residual quantity of coating material is sufficient to complete the production order.

    No unplanned interruption of the laminating process and subsequent incorrect coating due to a lack of coating material.

  • Calculate the application quantity per m²:

    Simply enter the workpiece dimensions and the weight of the unglued and the glued workpiece, and the app will determine the quantity of glue applied in g/m².

    This eliminates the frequent cause of error resulting from conversion of mm into m².

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