Frame Work Station FRAMETEQ F-500

Complex frame works produced with ease

Complex and challenging frame works can be manufactured quickly and easily with the WEINMANN FRAMETEQ F-500 frame work station. Top and bottom plates are fed in manually, positioned at the stops and automatically tensioned. The studs are also automatically positioned, tensioned and secured. The higher level of automation offered in comparison to the FRAMETEQ F-300 significantly increases the performance of the machine.

(Frame Work Station WEM 150)

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  • High flexibility due to production in batch size 1
  • Minimal setup time thanks to automatic width adjustment
  • Efficient production as studs and plates are automatically aligned and tensioned
  • Frames produced with the greatest levels of precision
  • More options – window and door modules plus gable elements can be manufactured
  • The flexibility to adapt to specific requirements – numerous options for expansion

  • Specification of exact stud spacing with NC-controlled outfeed grippers

  • Freely definable nail patterns for different stud types

  • Convenient installation of longitudinal studs using a special device

  • Very easy to use: clear screen display and swiveling control panel

  • Fully automatic transfer of data from all popular CAD programs for timber work

Wall thickness75 - 200 [mm]
Optional: 300 [mm]
Wall height1,5 - 3,2 [m]
Optional: 3,8 [m]
Wall length6/ 8/ 10/ 12 [m]
Production capacity800 - 1,500 [mm / min]

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