Feeding and stacking system FEEDTEQ L-500 | STACKTEQ L-500

Panels per shift set the pace

Our allrounder in feeding and stacking and class-best in the price/efficiency comparison. The feeding and stacking systems FEEDTEQ L-500 | STACKTEQ L-500 are suitable ideally for feeding and stacking for edging and for drilling lines.

(Feeding and stacking system TxH 501)


  • Cost cutting and process stability because of an intelligent material flow
  • Higher total availability due to material handling optimization
  • Space need for material to transport is reduced to a minimum
  • Increased continuity and predictability of production by high process safety
  • Higher performance ratio by optimal utilization of all machines in the linked production process

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  • Basic version already available with a capacity range of up to 18 cycles/min

  • Two further performance levels allow up to 30 cycles/min

  • Electro-motive chain drive without hydraulic works very properly and with low maintenance

  • Smooth transport and simple tensioning of the chain by latern gearing

  • High capacity and positioning exactness by servo drive via toothed belt

  • No change of the traverse according to individual workpiece sizes required as traverse is designed as suction field

FEEDTEQ and STACKTEQ longitudinal
TxH 501/25/12TxH 501/30/12
Cycle capacity max.18 cycles, 32 parts/min18 cycles, 32 parts/min
Workpiece length [mm]250 - 2,500250 - 3,000
Workpiece width [mm]195 - 1,200195 - 1,200
Workpiece thickness [mm]12 - 6012 - 60
Workpiece weight [kg]5050
Stack height [mm]1,6001,600
Stack weight [kg]3,5003,500
Layer Arrangement [parts per row]1 - 41 - 4