Element table MOVETEQ

Multifunctional solution for production lines

The MOVETEQ element tables are truly versatile components in the production line and take over tasks such as turning elements, aligning elements at the correct angle to ensure safe sheathing and processing, transporting elements, and tilting elements for storage.

(Wall Table WTW)

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  • Individual equipment based on customer requirements
  • Can be adapted to suit particular capacity requirements and expanded at any time on a modular basis
  • Automated processes are stored in the control system for high productivity: All functions are executed automatically, e.g. moving the table or opening the clamp
  • Can be integrated into any production line
  • Hydraulic setup function for safe removal and turning of elements

  • Wide range of applications, as both longitudinal and transverse transport are possible

  • Two transport variants available:

    Manual element transport via quadruple track roller
    Motorized element transport with hinged slat conveyors

  • NC-controlled beam aligner for high level of processing quality

  • Improved comfort thanks to an ergonomic processing height

  • Can be used in transport logistics for elements: The wall table moves to different production lines in the hall and transfers the elements or retrieves them from the relevant production line. 

  • Automated processes are stored in the controller: all functions, such as moving the table or opening the voltage, are executed automatically

Working height730 [mm]
Clamping range1.2 - 3.2 [m]
(Option: until 3.8 [m])
Element length min1.5 [m]
Element length max12[m]
(Over length is possible on request)
Element weight3.5 [t]
(Option: until 6 [t])

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