Edgeband Management System

Edgeband Packaging System for easy Handling

With the edgeband packaging system, searching for edgebands and cumbersome handling when changing the edgeband coils are now outdated. Edge banding material can now be clearly sorted and stored straight away.


  • Save space: thanks to vertical storage
  • Save time: setup times are significantly reduced thanks to a faster edge change
  • Overview: all information about your edge banding materials at a glance
  • Simple management: no more mix-ups thanks to clear management of shelves
  • Reduce costs: no more damage due to impacts or dirt and no unintentional unwinding
  • Reuse: the packaging is reusable

  • The edgeband packaging offers an easy and intuitive residual length display.
    Is there enough material in the packaging for the next order?
    Just use the viewing window to check.

    Use our residual length calculator to calculate the residual length.

  • The packaging is compatible with our roller carriages and roll plates.
    An adapter is all that is required to fit the packaging on the roller carriage on your machine.

    The construction plan for the adapter can be downloaded free of charge.

  • Free disposal of the cardboard box packaging in the recycling loop — depending on regional provisions.

  • Any questions?

The packaging is suitable for the following edge coils:

Edge thickness  [mm]0,4 - 3
Internal diameter [mm]min. 200 (edgeband with and without core)
max. 400
External diameter [mm]max. 780
Edge height  [mm]min. 16
max. 23

Packaging dimensions:

Honeycomb width [mm]790 x 790
Height [mm]38
Core diameter [mm]198

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