Design to Cost

The transparent analysis of your product costs

Do you value furniture with a creative and trend-setting design? Your goal is to bring these furniture to the market at competitive prices? We support you in this. In line with your marketing and sales concept, we develop design drafts, define the constructive structure, suggest materials and define the quality guidelines. Together with you, we use the value analysis method to ensure that the new furniture is highly economical. In this way, you expand your product range with products that impress with their high-quality design and low production costs. We determine your actual direct product costs in a short time. We can also compare these with best-practice calculations and thus help you to optimize your product costs through design adaptations, after or ideally during the development process.


  • Transparent visualization of your direct product costs
  • Goal-oriented "make or buy" decisions based on transparent costs
  • Exact pricing for your products
  • Goal-oriented design adjustments for cost optimization
  • International sourcing analyses and decisions
  • Review of existing purchasing conditions
  • Definition of technology investments based on optimal production costs

  • Preparation of a product cost calculation

  • Goal-oriented discussion of cost-optimized production based on the cost drivers in the product

  • Joint development of cost-optimized design approaches

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