compactPLUS element production system

A single system – for everything from the frame work to the finished element

In addition to enabling planking to be secured and processed as part of a fully automated process, the compactPLUS element production system can also be used to automate the manufacture of the frame work for wall elements. This allows you to increase your production capacity and create wall elements easily and efficiently.

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  • Productivity increase of up to 30% for element production
  • The linear design and minimal space requirements mean that the system can be positioned conveniently in the facility
  • Roof, ceiling and gable elements can be created in parallel on the work tables
  • A consistently high level of precision is ensured thanks to CNC-controlled production
  • High level of flexibility, as the machine can be configured according to individual customer requirements

  • Consisting of a multifunction bridge, a butterfly turning table (BUILDTEQ A-550 carpentry table and MOVETEQ P-700 wall table) and an insertion table

  • WALLTEQ M-540 multifunction bridge equipment:
    12-slot tool changer, chuck for stapling and nailing device, and unit for frame work production

  • Freely definable nail patterns for different stud types thanks to NC axes for nailing devices

  • Batch size 1 production, as no manual machine setup is required

  • Butterfly turning table equipment:
    X stops for optimum alignment and roof/ceiling clamp for easy production of roof and ceiling elements

  • Precise preparation of the frame work with NC-controlled stops on the insertion table and frame work unit on the WALLTEQ multifunction bridge

  • Insertion table equipment: installation station for window and gable elements

Element thickness75 - 500 [mm]
Element width0.4 - 3.2 [m]
Option: 3.8 [m]
Element length6 / 8 / 10 / 12 [m]
Element weight max.3.500 [kg]
Belt thickness max.120 [mm]
System outputup to 450 [m²] wall surface per day and shift

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