Combi Wall System WEK 100

Two work steps on just one machine

The WEINMANN WEK 100 combi wall system is only very slightly larger than a work table, but combines processes for frame work production and the processing of planking on a single work station. Elements for timber frame construction that are planked on one side are manufactured in an automated process with just one operator.

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  • Just one operator and one machine are needed to produce the frame work and secure the planking
  • Low space requirements: Manufacturing of 12-m elements in an area measuring just 110 m²
  • Automatic positioning of stud arrangement and fully automatic attachment and processing of planking
  • Fast assembly on site, as the piggyback NC stopper system ensures dimensionally accurate elements
  • Customized production with zero machine setup

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  • Automatic stud positioning

  • Ergonomic working position thanks to optimum processing height and moving control panel

  • Both wall and gable elements can be manufactured

  • CNC axes enable customized nail patterns for frame work components

  • Automatic width adjustment

  • Fully automatic transfer of data from all popular CAD programs for timber work

Frame work thickness200 [mm]
Optional: 300 [mm]
Element thickness250 [mm]
Optional: 350 [mm]
Wall height1,200 - 3,200 [mm]
Optional: 3,800 [mm]
Max. wall length6/ 8/ 10/ 12  [m]

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