Carpentry Machine WBS 140

Precision and flexibility for carpenters

Thanks to its compact design, the WBS 140 from WEINMANN takes up very little space, making it flexible enough for a variety of different manufacturing applications such as dovetail connections, angle cuts, notches and grooves. All tasks can be completed at a high level of precision with this carpentry machine.

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  • WEINMANN Carpentry Machine

    The carpentry machine can be optimal positioned in the production hall. Photo: Köfler Holzbau

  • WEINMANN Carpentry Machine powerTouch

    Easy operation with the intuitive operation concept powerTouch

  • WEINMANN Carpentry Machine Spiral cutterhead

    Production of a tenon with spiral cutterhead

  • WEINMANN Carpentry Machine dove tale joint

    Production of a dove tale Joint.

  • WEINMANN Carpentry Machine WBS 140 tool changer

    8-slot tool changer allows unique tool configurations in conjunction with short setup times

  • WEINMANN Carpentry Machine Inkjet printer

    Inkjet printer for the labelling of the components

  • WEINMANN Carpentry machine WBS 140

    Video Carpentry machine WBS 140

  • WEINMANN WEINMANN Carpentry Machine WBS 140 - Kuttruff

    Video: Jürgen Kuttruff invests in a WEINMANN Carpentry Machine WBS 140

  • WEINMANN Stacking

    Processing of beam stacking and round timber

  • WEINMANN Carpentry machine Marking unit type ball point

    Labelling and marking with the ballpoint pen


  • Space-saving setup thanks to the compact design
  • Rapid installation on-site: The uniformly precise design of all machine components facilitates the assembly process
  • Excellent flexibility due to the varied processing range
  • Amortization within a short period of time
  • Minimal noise and dust emissions thanks to the fully enclosed machine housing

  • 5-axis technology for trimming, sawing and drilling

  • 7.5-kW main spindle for a high performance level as standard

  • 8-slot tool changer plus pickup station for the saw blade to allow unique tool configurations in conjunction with short setup times

  • FLEX5 sawing unit: A rotation angle of 0–360° in conjunction with a swivel angle of 0–90° allow you to process angled cuts, notches, rafter assembly cuts and rip cuts

  • High level of processing accuracy thanks to the NC gripper system combined with vertical and horizontal clamps

  • Reproducibility of accuracy and processing

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