Automated guided vehicle system TRANSBOT

Autonomous logistics assistant for flexible material transport

TRANSBOT, the automated guided vehicle (AGV) system, connects individual processing machines, automated cells, or even manual workstations together logistically. The self-driving smart transport robots navigate freely through any space, without the need for mechanical aids such as rails. In addition, if changes are made in the production process — due to the implementation of new machines, for example — the TRANSBOT travel paths in fleet management can be effortlessly adapted to the new conditions. The automated guided vehicles can also be easily integrated into an existing production facility retrospectively. The position of the machines or operating cells in relation to one another only plays a secondary role from the perspective of the TRANSBOT. By avoiding rigid interlinking of systems and processing machines, the location of the machines in the production hall is of little relevance. TRANSBOT systems represent a smart alternative to conventional conveyor technology, and are the ideal solution for future-oriented furniture production.

(Automated guided vehicle (AGV) system)


  • Increase the added value of connected processing machines by separating logistics from direct machine operation
  • Search and retrieval times are significantly reduced or even eliminated thanks to customized and prioritized provision of materials
  • Simple, retrospective changes can be made to the product range, processing order, and production
  • Significant reduction in errors and reduction of quality costs thanks to automated workflows and protective workpiece transport
  • No need for rigid interlinking, therefore less space is required compared to alternative means of transport (e.g., roller conveyors)
  • Simple retrospective expansion of the TRANSBOT system is possible without the need for the customer to make structural changes

  • Personal safety thanks to continuous scanning of the environment

  • TRANSBOT system is controlled according to the production size by subordinate ControllerMES, by the cell control system, or manually via the keys

  • Intelligent fleet management

    • Coordinates existing TRANSBOT vehicles and determines the sequence of transport orders
    • Provides information via status and error messages
    • Takes over energy management for the vehicles
  • Charging mat for inductive energy transmission and contactless charging of TRANSBOT vehicles

  • Contour navigation determines the position of the TRANSBOT in the room and specifies travel paths as well as buffers, feed-in, and stacking positions

Workpiece lengthmax. 3,200 mm
Workpiece widthmax. 1,200 mm
Stack weightmax. 1,200 kg

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