Digital Press Box LIGNA 2019

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Overview: HOMAG at LIGNA

Hall 13 & 14 | 50 machines | 5000 m²

At LIGNA 2019, HOMAG fill the entirety of Hall 14 with machines, software and technical innovations for wood processing – all live in action. Small trade businesses and large industrial companies alike feel right at home in more than 5000 m² of exhibition space. In addition, WEINMANN displays the latest machine technology for house construction at a trade fair stand in Hall 13.

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Solutions for trade businesses

Step-by-step: An overall concept built from single parts

HOMAG deals with central questions faced by trade businesses, such as: What specific opportunities does digitization offer small and medium-sized businesses today? Which easy-to-use assistants and features can support carpenters/joiners in their day-to-day work? How can every business find the right building blocks for their own "workshop of the future"?

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Solutions for woodworking shops and medium-sized business

Networked cell concepts: scalable solutions ranging from small to large

HOMAG presents processing cells that can be extended on a modular basis - perfect for medium-sized wood-processing businesses. Each cell is already an ideal solution for efficient panel processing. The individual cells are networked via the driverless transport robots (TRANSBOT). The ControllerMES production control system takes over higher level control. All of these elements come together to form a fully autonomous and automated production concept for batch size 1 production—from cutting through to fully packed furniture - that can be adjusted variably to suit customer requirements.

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Panel dividing

The future of panel dividing: HOMAG presents new robot saws

At LIGNA 2019, the HOMAG panel dividing specialists opened a new chapter in the history of panel cutting. The main character this time: the new SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec. This robot saw combines the advantages of manual cutting processes with those of autonomous panel division dealt with by a robot. A concept that met with great interest among visitors to LIGNA from May 27 to 31. Further highlights at the Hanover fair included a fully equipped SAWTEQ B-300 saw with storage system integration and intelliGuide – the first assistance system to react to the actions of the operator. 

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Edge technology

Equipped for new trends: Flexible edge solutions for woodworking shops and industry

In the edge banding segment, HOMAG offers a diazzling array of new solutions. These range from the premiere of a new entry-level machine for woodworking shops to the new EDGETEQ S-500 (for companies with higher performance requirements) and EDGETEQ S-800 (for high-performance furniture production) series. HOMAG also presents the rapid changeover of 3 edge banding processes and the use of edge banding machines in various production concepts.

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Maximum profile accuracy: The new TENONTEQ D-500 double-end profiler series

This compact double-sided dimensioning machine impresses with its excellent processing quality and efficiency. As a cost-effective combined longitudinal/crosswise machine, it can trim longitudinal and crosswise profiles or create formatting, all in a wide variety of materials such as parquet, LVT, laminate, SPC or mineral fiber panels. The flexibility of the machine means that it can be used for wall and ceiling panels, as well as for all types of flooring (tongue and groove or click-loc profiles). It is also suitable for medium-sized construction companies who want to manufacture their own creative floor and wall coverings cost-effectively, quickly and independently.

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Surface processing

Your solution for surface processing: HOMAG presents a complete product portfolio

For several years now, HOMAG has been continuously expanding its strategy and expertise in the area of surface processing. This year, the company is once again showcasing its complete range of options at LIGNA, complemented by a host of technical developments. Combined with new tools and digital aids, surface processing is now more efficient than ever — opening up new opportunities for businesses in trade and industry.

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CNC processing

Your solution for CNC processing: new series, automation and greater flexibility

In the field of CNC processing, HOMAG presents a wealth of new innovations. The new CNC all-rounder CENTATEQ P-210 creates the top balance between space requirements and performance. With the new powerEdge Pro Duo gluing unit, HOMAG sets new standards in gluing technology. Further innovations are: Robot use for CNC basic machines, new CENTATEQ T-300 series, DRILLTEQ D-500 for milling and machining fittings, as well as an automated solution for the CENTATEQ N-600.

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Window production

Producton of window scantlings in trade: HOMAG debuts the MOULDTEQ M-300 planing machine in combination with a return line — for economical one-man operation in window production. 

Gluing technology for composite windows: Currently, various different solutions are used in window construction businesses to establish the adhesive bond between the pane and the frame. Gluing systems have been well-known in this field for a while, but in light of the latest requirements in terms of appearance and break-in protection, such systems are increasingly coming to the fore. This is just one of the reasons why HOMAG developed a simple production solution with a reliable process for the window market.

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WEINMANN timber construction

New possibilities in prefabricated housing construction: Automation solutions for timber construction

At LIGNA 2019, WEINMANN presented solutions for timber construction, with the latest developments in machine technology and software exhibited in live demos and presentations. Fully automated production lines and entry-level CNC-controlled machines for automated production allow for greater prefabrication and increased efficiency throughout the entire production process.

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Life Cycle Services

Rapid assistance from intelliServiceNet: The TeleService solution of the future

HOMAG is taking the TeleService to a higher level of technology with intelliServiceNet, creating a modern TeleService connection. Users simply contact TeleService employees as usual, either via the ServiceBoard App, by telephone or by email. The advantage? Users receive faster and more focused assistance based on the latest, future-proof technology.

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Design software woodCAD|CAM now with optimized CAM functions

Of all the further enhancements made to the woodCAD|CAM design software, it is the CAM functions that really stand out. The optimization of these functions provides greater flexibility in production, meaning that customers can now utilize their production more efficiently and respond more quickly to any changes made to components.

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Webshop Simple. Fast. Convenient.

HOMAG's new eShop will be going live at LIGNA 2019. Customers who have already registered for the new HOMAG eShop can now find all the spare parts, services and consumable materials they need online and place orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just two days after an order is placed—or even the very next day with express delivery—the spare parts arrive ready for use. A further advantage is that prospective customers around the globe can view wood processing machines online and select any optional extras to get an initial idea of how much the specification might cost, before submitting specific quotation requests.

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Plug & Work

Eight leading European woodworking machinery manufacturers have formed a working group called EUMABOIS to define a common language, that enables a seamless communication between machines of different brands. The framework for a new standard, called “P&W, Plug & Work”, is launched at LIGNA 2019. This project is specific for the woodworking industry and is based upon the OPC UA standard (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture), promoted by the OPC Foundation, an international non-profit organization.

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Association DIPA

Leading companies initiate the digital printing association DIPA

Surface design has an increasing importance for interior fitting-, furniture-, flooring- and related industries, as the demand for individual and premium surfaces is steadily growing. Innovative manufacturers and users of the industry now want to offer solutions for this by launching the Digital Printing Association (DIPA).

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