YOUR SOLUTION for Software & Smart Solutions at the LIGNA 2017

New HOMAG Software Platform – End-to-end solutions from the point of sale to production.

HOMAG has completely revised its software portfolio for customers. On show for the first time at the LIGNA, HOMAG was demonstrating how to configure individual solutions for woodworking shops and industrial producers from a modular suite – “One Platform for Integrated Solutions”. The focus here is on end-to-end solutions from sales through to furniture completion.

ProCollection: creating, managing, producing.
New professional software for the furniture and interior design industry.

Increased speed and increased customization. Every day, manufacturers of furniture and interior fittings are confronted with new wishes from their end customers — including the desire for the job to be delivered promptly. Flexibility, individuality, and speed are very important in meeting these needs. ProCollection software is a modular end-to-end system that provides support by efficiently shaping order processes, from sales through to production.

    For catalog-oriented manufacturers (kitchen, office, living room and bathroom furniture), the “Configurator3D” forms the nerve center of graphic order acquisition. This 3D product configurator is used to configure and process highly individual furniture orders in just seconds – in an unlimited choice of variants. The automatic generation of production data means that complexity remains manageable at all times.
    There are now no limits to creativity at the point of sale. With the furniture design software “Designer3D” and the Internet configurator “DesignerWEB”, HOMAG is offering software solutions for every sales channel – dealers, direct sales and web shops. Comprehensive libraries of decor articles and electrical appliances allow joiners or industrial furniture producers to plan complete furnishing scenarios and then present them using virtual reality apps (such as Google Cardboard) to create a truly graphic customer experience. “Designer3D” uses the data from the “Configurator3D” – allowing all plans to be adopted directly by the production system.
    Perfect, efficient organization and absolute production process transparency are achieved using the new manufacturing execution system “ControllerMES”. Adjusted to the relevant production system, the software provides support in the precise planning and monitoring of production and in organizing information flows. The cutting optimization software Cut Rite runs on a fully integrated basis. Information is made digitally available to production at all times to aid the simplification of manual work steps. The add-on software MMR Office (Machine Monitoring & Reporting) ensures machine status transparency and permits continuous process optimization.

Designer3D: Quick and easy sales planning.

With Designer3D, users can configure furniture quickly, easily and professionally during sales meetings. The software is intuitive and the user can concentrate more intensely on the customer. The software allows furniture to be planned on an individual basis and provides an impressive presentation of the results. Interiors can also be designed easily and, using decorative elements and lights, presented such that the end customer gets a realistic impression of their new living space. Offers are created directly from the plans. Errors are excluded from the process as catalog data and prices are updated in real time.

Manufacturing execution system “ControllerMES”.
Transparent organization of production processes.

Successful networking calls for a matured, solid software basis. With the new MES platform, users are ideally placed for the future thanks to modern software architecture. The new manufacturing execution system stands for 100% production transparency and is based on established powerTouch operating technology. It encompasses everything from …

… production planning with optimum production batches
… through the provision and generation of production data for machines (sizing, edging, CNC …)
… to completed notification after final assembly.

Relying on “ControllerMES” means significantly increasing
… transparency, efficiency and control
… and supporting the optimization of production processes.

The software enables the perfect interaction of HOMAG machines in networked production. “ControllerMES” was designed by the developers at HOMAG as a flexible standard software. It is up to 100 % updatable, scalable and offers the right solution both for woodworking shops and industrial enterprises.

Leading in production efficiency.
Smart Solutions.

Digitalized production has long since made its entry into the industry. HOMAG is continuously developing new digitalization solutions – always with the aim of making production even more efficient for furniture manufacturers and offering them new optimization potential. To do this, HOMAG offers a range of smart solutions for the factory, for product configuration and for servicing.

  • Smart Factories
    “Smart products” allow end customers to configure their kitchens individually, for instance. Just a few days later, their kitchen can be delivered ready to install. This is achieved using software at whose core is an MES for production control.
  • Smart Products
    Working with the smart factory, the organization of production plants and logistics/transport systems is growing increasingly autonomous. Smart machines support the operator performing daily tasks. With additional production optimization, operating times can be organized more flexibly and efficiently.
  • Smart Services
    With smart solutions, HOMAG can help enhance plant availability. Machines are serviced using Predictive Maintenance. If an error occurs, remotely located servicing experts can offer support. As a result, today 90 % of service incidents are dealt with at HOMAG online.


Pictures courtesy of: HOMAG Group AG

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