YOUR SOLUTION for Panel Dividing at LIGNA 2017

Dawn of a new era in cutting processes

For the first time, panel dividing saws respond intelligently to the saw operator's actions, a new assistance graphic indicates the next work step, and the trade can automate batch size 1 production over longer distances. Panel dividing professionals HOMAG ushered in a new era in cutting processes at LIGNA 2017 with these innovations and more – but let's start from the beginning.

intelliGuide: The first intelligent operator assistance system

One innovation that caused a stir was an operator assistance system whose name says it all: intelliGuide – the first intelligent operator assistance system in the history of panel dividing technology. With intelliGuide, saws are now able to respond to the machine operators and display operating instructions in their immediate field of view so that operators no longer need to look at a monitor. How does it work and what are the system's capabilities?

With the full version, intelliGuide professional, machine operators benefit from all-round visual support. An LED strip at the cutting line lights up in different colors and lengths, allowing the machine operator to see the next action that must be performed. By employing a camera system, intelliGuide professional also detects where each workpiece is, then uses this information to tell the operator which workpiece needs to be inserted in the saw and in what way. If something runs out of sequence at this point, then the saw adjusts the processes or, if this is not possible, the system provides operating instructions via the LED strip or laser projection system, which is also included in intelliGuide professional. This system projects symbols directly onto the workpieces. The operator can then see what action needs to be performed, such as rotating, inserting or destacking a part, or placing it in intermediate storage. An example: If the machine operator positions a part incorrectly, the laser projects an arrow symbol onto the part, showing the required direction of rotation. Only after the machine operator has rotated the part correctly will the symbol disappear and cutting begin.

In addition to the full version, intelliGuide professional, HOMAG offers the new operator assistance system in two additional versions. intelliGuide advanced operates without a laser projection system but includes an LED strip and camera. intelliGuide basic guides the operator using only the LED strip at the cutting line. This means every customer can find exactly the right solution. Video:

CADmatic 5 – the new saw control system with innovative assistance graphic

The new version of the HOMAG saw control system, CADmatic 5, delivers maximum user-orientation and efficiency, as well as faultless operation. The most important innovation in this completely redeveloped software is the new assistance graphic, which guides the machine operator through all input and processing steps by always displaying the next work step that needs to be performed. A color-coded guidance system provides orientation.

What's more, CADmatic 5 makes controlling the machine via the keyboard and mouse largely a thing of the past. The user navigates and makes most entries intuitively by touching and swiping the screen. The screen itself provides visual feedback and shows what effect the entries made have.


New: HPS 320 flexTec opens up new possibilities for the trade and medium-sized businesses

HOMAG started the revolution in batch size 1 production back in 2015 with the fully automated HPS 320 flexTec robotic cutting cell. In its next bold step, HOMAG has now made it possible to implement order-based production over longer distances without a machine operator – with a non-interlinked cutting cell operating solely in the saw-storage combination. That means the HPS 320 flexTec opens up brand new possibilities for medium-sized businesses and larger craft enterprises. 

This is how the technology works: The robot can destack finished parts onto lifting tables. It deposits them in any sequence or as required for the order, and uses highly complex software to form stable stacks. Depending on the production requirements, up to four lifting tables can be set up. Combination with automatic outfeed roller conveyors is also possible. 

Trade fair highlight: module45 – bevel cuts on the saw

The new module45 was a major attraction for customers from the trade, as well as those involved in trade fair stand construction and shop fitting. And that's not surprising, since, on top of all the usual cuts, this innovation enables bevel cuts in freely adjustable angles of 0 to 46 degrees to be completed on the panel saw – without any station changes or handling work required.

At LIGNA, this practical additional unit was available to view on a HOMAG HPP 130 panel dividing saw. module45 is also available for virtually all saws in the 2, 3 and 4 series.

See more in the video at

New: COBUS NCAD interface for maximum flexibility and planning freedom in timber work

The HPP 300 multiTec is the HOMAG saw for timber work, and it can saw, drill and rout at the same time. At LIGNA, this specially developed solution could be seen for the first time in conjunction with an innovative interface to COBUS NCAD. The advantage of this innovation for builders of facades and partition walls is clear: Users plan projects as normal in their CAD/CAM software, and the new interface then converts the results into machine-readable data at the touch of a button before sending it automatically to the correct machine, for example via HOMAG Cut Rite to the HPP 300 multiTec, a HOMAG CNC processing center or a WEINMANN machine.

Users can focus on their core tasks and enjoy greater flexibility than ever before when planning. Changes can be made at short notice and are ready for production in no time via the COBUS NCAD interface. In short: The work in the preparation stage that previously took hours can now be completed in just a few minutes with this new interface. Video:

An exciting look at the future of panel dividing

With intelliGuide, the new destacking options for the HPS 320 flexTec, the assistance graphic from CADmatic 5 and many other technical highlights, LIGNA 2017 heralded the arrival of some major advancements in cutting processes. Now the focus is on the next milestones. With two conceptual studies in the HOMAG InnovationCenter, the saw manufacturer gave trade fair visitors an exclusive glimpse of where developments are heading. They both provided an exciting insight into how machines will be operated in the future and gave visitors an impression of how digitalization could soon fundamentally change our day-to-day work. Keyword: Industry 4.0.

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