World premiere in CNC and sanding technology

A new five-axis machine for entry-level users, a new series of sanding machines for heightened demands in the trade sector, a very interestingly priced panel dividing saw, and everything you need for edge processing (including zero joints), from small to large — those are just a few of the highlights that await visitors to HOMAG City at HOLZ-HANDWERK. And we must not forget the innovative window technology that will be in action, providing the highest levels of flexibility and performance.

WORLD PREMIERE! Freestyle 5-axis technology
The new CNC machine concept is based on compact technology and almost automatic 360° handling. The Venture 115 can be accessed from all sides, thanks to the new safety Technology.
However, the Venture 115 five-axis machine is just one of nine possible configurations in this series. There are also three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis entry-level solutions available for horizontal CNC processing. The machine can be commissioned within one day, requires only a compact installation area that has been reduced by up to 15%, and offers the correct performance levels for any requirement.
The family of Venture BMG 300 processing centers has also grown. The Venture BMG 312/V offers new opportunities: users in the trade sector and suppliers no longer have to decide between purchasing five-axis technology or a machine for edge banding on shaped parts. The new BMG 312/V combines both technologies in one machine.

The new SWT 200 — compact, fast, intuitive
More high-tech with lower space requirements, shorter setup times, and improved user-friendliness — those are the striking features of the new, fully revised SWT 200 series.
The design of this series has just been developed further for the trade sector. The priority is efficient use of surfaces in the workshop. The focus for the operating concept and the sanding units was to make the machine faster and safer to configure. Belts can therefore be changed and attached and the grain calibrated in just a few steps. The measurement of workpiece thickness is also automated.
Another new feature is that there are two additional unit slots for post-processing.

HPP 130 — the "MUST SEE" saw
"Buy, connect and experience precision" — the new HPP 130 makes it easier than ever to start precision production because it is perfectly aligned with the requirements of the trade sector. The compact saw is equipped with everything that the user needs for cutting single panels and small series. This includes a saw blade projection of 60 mm, a cutting length of 3200 mm, and the CADmatic 4 PRACTIVE machine control unit. The HPP 130 costs little more than a well-equipped circular saw while providing a much more precise and efficient cutting process.

From a compact 80-m² workshop to industrial use
Something that starts with a compact 80-m² workshop today can grow to become an entry-level industrial solution in future. At the Holz-Handwerk trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, the HOMAG Group is presenting a wide range of options for expanding production on a modular basis at any time so that businesses can respond flexibly to tomorrow's requirements, increase efficiency, and optimize work processes — in line with the motto: "Growing with the HOMAG Group".
With intelligent workshop concepts and a wide range of individual machines (saws, storage, CNC technology, sanding technology, throughfeed machines, transport, handling, automation), the HOMAG Group is showing just how efficient production can be — including coordinated operating and data concepts. HOMAG eSOLUTION provides integrated software for all aspects from sale to delivery of the finished furniture. For example, the HOMAG Group is displaying the woodCAD|CAM software solution which provides a simple and reliable process from the initial idea to the finished product — including 3D room planning at the customer's point of sale, free design, and a fully-fledged CAD program. All software solutions, including woodNET and woodFactory, can be used either as stand-alone solutions or in combination. The modular structure allows the software to be introduced into the company step by step.
In the trade sector, there is a noticeable trend toward automation and logistics. Here, the HOMAG Group is surprising everyone with a new saw-storage combination consisting of the HPP 300 profiLine panel dividing saw and the TLF 211 area storage system. A particularly unusual feature is the transport of panel material with a textured surface using a newly developed special suction device. Edge processing is not resting on its laurels in terms of automation either, playing a trump card with an edge processing cell featuring circulation and a barcode reading system.

HOMAG powerProfiler BMB800/900: benchmark for flexibility and performance

The new generation of window processing machines in the form of powerProfiler BMB800/900 has successfully arrived on the market. Orders have been received in all relevant performance classes and expansion stages; these are currently under construction or already being actively used by customers.
The basic concept of the machine, with its options and scalable expandability, is impressive: in addition to new gripping and clamping technology with new options for profile design and the ability to process not only straight parts but also curved elements and doors, the machine impresses above all with its performance. Parallel processing of multiple components and quick tool changes ensure high performance even for complex work processes. Automation solutions with feed and interlinking options to the upstream plane or the subsequent flow priming integrate the powerProfiler as the core in an integrated continuous production in batch size 1.

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