Workshop concepts from small to large

Half of the stand area is set aside for woodworking Shops – In Hall 14, trade visitors can find clever workshop concepts, from the entry-level workshop to the industrial and networked workshop. Together, the machines represent intelligent solutions; but there are also new technical highlights in the individual machines.

Small entry-level workshop over 80 m²:
Here, the edge banding machine from the Ambition series is the optimum solution for first-time users of zero joint technology. The machine is equipped with the airTec unit and the new PU gluing technology for quick glue and color changes. The HPP 130 panel dividing saw now boasts the new module45, which enables precise miter cuts on the saw itself. These two components are supplemented by an entry-level machine for body press technology and a CNC machine for vertical drilling.

Workshop for the industrial entry-level range:
This has a fully networked saw-storage-nesting cell and drilling and dowel driving machine in operation, with an integrated data flow.

The panel dividing saw has some particular technical highlights – for example the clever "operator assistance system LED". It indicates the next processing step for the operator and visualizes which parts are for buffering and which part the operator should destack when and how, and from which pallet. The advantages: The machine operator is guided. He works intuitively rarely has to look at the monitor. The cut runs more smoothly, ergonomically and error-free.
KAL 370 with automated return ensures optimum edge processing with zero joint technology. Here, visitors to LIGNA can marvel at an impressive world first.

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