woodCAD|CAM now with optimized CAM functions

Of all the further enhancements made to the woodCAD|CAM design software for LIGNA 2019, it is the CAM functions that really stand out. The optimization of these functions provides greater flexibility in production, meaning that customers can now utilize their production more efficiently and respond more quickly to any changes made to components.

Separation of CAD and CAM

With the new woodCAD|CAM version, the work steps from the areas of design and production data creation are separated into individual steps. CAD data and CAM data can now be created independently of one another, allowing processors to give their full attention to designing and creating CAD data. This means that furniture design is now the central focus, and is no longer oriented exclusively toward the options provided by the existing production.

One of the consequences of this is that the work in the extended workbench is simplified — when CAD data is created without the initial step of defining machine parameters for production, this allows other machines from suppliers and partners to be used as required.

Workflow-based data

The generation of workflow-based data from woodCAD|CAM enables production steps to be assigned automatically based on the properties of the component. Different work sequences are defined for this purpose according to the machine pool. The correct data for the corresponding production path is created automatically based on rules, with the data adapted to the properties and processing steps for the components. This production path can then be output on the associated label. What happens if the properties of a component change during the planning stage? No problem — an adapted production path is generated automatically.

Manual workstations can also be factored in, which not only makes creating data in woodCAD|CAM even simpler, but also improves the way that production is organized.

As the existing data concept takes the generation of machine data into account independently of the CAD parameters, the machine pool can be extended easily and efficiently by connecting new machines.

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