WEINMANN with new design: intuitiv, modern und unique

Innovative, individual and flexible — a perfect description of the machines and plants from WEINMANN. In addition to the usual high processing quality expected from WEINMANN, the machines are enhanced by a modern design and a new, innovative operating structure for a very special user experience. There are also new, standardized, and coordinated product designations. Below you can find out more about the new generation of machines from WEINMANN and, through some product examples, get to know the new naming and the new design.

In line with the motto "design meets digital," all WEINMANN machines are now even more intuitive to use and feature more modern and unique designs. The machines and plants can now also be networked easily and quickly using the tapio ecosystem. The user decides for themselves if and when this function will be used. Operating the machine will become a unique experience thanks to the progressive, function-oriented design, and the innovative power of the operating system used by the machine will become even more apparent. For the user, this makes a clear statement to their end customers — not to mention to their competitors.

In addition to the new design of WEINMANN machines, the product names have also been more clearly structured for the customer: The new designations are easy to understand, consistent and traceable. From now on, the name of each machine clearly states its function. For example, visitors can now find WEINMANN carpentry machines under the designation BEAMTEQ, and the multifunction bridges now all bear the name WALLTEQ. This makes it is far easier for existing and prospective customers to navigate the world of WEINMANN products.

BEAMTEQ — The master of beam processing. Unbelievably powerful.

The carpentry machines are equipped to tackle a wide range of processing tasks, from quick cuts to complex beam processing operations. They demonstrate impressive precision, speed and flexibility in all work processes and increase the efficiency in production. The compact machine design with integrated noise protection enables space-saving installation.

  • BEAMTEQ B-540: Economical beam processing with a high level of flexibility
    The compact design and the wide range of applications make this carpentry machine the ideal solution for small and medium-sized carpentry businesses. With a low level of investment, the BEAMTEQ B-540 can be used to perform a wide range of processing steps with the greatest precision. The integrated 8-part tool changer can be equipped according to requirements and, together with the pick-up station for the saw blade, offers a wide range of processing operations. 
  • BEAMTEQ B-660: All six sides of a component in one throughfeed
    The BEAMTEQ B-660 offers the highest beam processing performance, a wide variety of processing operations and consistently high quality. In addition to the 12-part tool changer and the second integrated main spindle, this carpentry machine is fitted with an underfloor unit. All six sides of components are processed fully automatically at any angle and tilt. Traditional block house joints, blocking grooves on rafters and dovetail connections on both sides of ridge beams can be produced quickly and easily.

WALLTEQ — The timber frame construction expert. Sensationally multifunctional.

The CNC-controlled multifunction bridge completes all timber frame element planking tasks fully automatically — including securing the planks and formatting and cutting all openings in the element. The WALLTEQ also impresses with its wide range of processing tasks, low space requirements and simple operation. Powerful and accurate units guarantee the highest level of quality. 

  • WALLTEQ M-120: Produce low quantities at a profit
    With its low purchase costs, this machine offers the ideal entry level to CNC-controlled production for house construction. Two holders for stapling and nailing devices along with a trimming unit enable fast and easy attachment and processing of the planking layer. With its high cost-effectiveness, even for batch size 1 production, the WALLTEQ M-120 is impressive.
  • WALLTEQ M-340: Very versatile
    Equipped with a 12-part tool changer, this multifunction bridge offers a wide range of uses and can be extended to meet individual requirements. Setup times are reduced to a minimum and effectiveness is increased significantly. The WALLTEQ M-340 brings high performance and flexibility to element production.
  • WALLTEQ M-560: Highly dynamic for processing solid wood
    Faced with solid wood and commercial constructions or laminated wooden beams — the WALLTEQ M-560 is impressively dynamic and flexible. This machine processes materials with a width of up to 5.6 m and a length of 60 m or more at a high speed and accuracy level. Workpiece thicknesses of up to 350 mm are processed as standard, while a thickness of up to 600 mm is also possible with the flangeless saw blade.

BUILDTEQ — The universal tool for carpenters. Universal application

The assembly tables are available in different versions and can be used to produce angled and high-precision elements in timber frame construction — for wall, ceiling and roof elements, as well as gable and special elements.

  • BUILDTEQ A-300: The flat-pack solution
    A top-quality, user-friendly system. Using the installation instructions supplied, the table base frame is produced by the customer and assembled with WEINMANN technology. The customer thus creates their assembly table themselves and benefits from a high-quality solution.
  • BUILDTEQ A-500: The universal tool for carpenters
    Regardless of whether it's as an insert table, a tilt table, or a turning table — the BUILDTEQ A-500 can be used for any application. In all fields of use, it ensures that elements are created with high dimensional and angular accuracy.

FRAMETEQ — The specialist for frame works. Highly flexible use.

Complex and challenging frame works are manufactured automatically. The distances between the studs are predetermined and the belts and studs are also attached automatically. Depending on the customer's requirements, insertion is either manual or automatic.

  • FRAMETEQ F-300: Frame works produced with ease
    With the FRAMETEQ F-300, frame works are produced automatically. The fundamental feature of the FRAMETEQ F-300 is the high level of flexibility it offers, facilitating customer-specific batch size 1 production with short setup times.
  • FRAMETEQ M-300: Two work steps, one machine
    The FRAMETEQ M-300 combines processes for frame work production and the processing of planking on a single work station. Elements for timber frame construction that are planked on one side are manufactured in an automated process with just one operator.

MOVETEQ — The multifunctional talent. Unbelievably flexible.

The MOVETEQ can be used flexibly and features most frequently in production lines. It carries out tasks such as turning elements, aligning elements at the correct angles for safe planking and nailing, longitudinal and transverse transport and laying out elements for storage.

STOCKTEQ — Professional storage. Quick and easy.

With this storage technology, elements can quickly and easily be transferred to intermediate storage and picked out again for return to production. The systems offer the space required for finishing work such as the application of exterior plaster or the fitting of windows and doors. There's more: The STOCKTEQ storage systems also feature a number of helpful details that make everyday working life significantly easier.

FEEDTEQ/STORETEQ — Handling made easy. Ergonomic and safe.

The handling systems optimize production hall logistics, reduce waiting times, and make the system operator's workstation ergonomic and safe. There are various systems depending on the performance required: for example, the FEEDTEQ system offers great support for manual deposit of panels. The STORETEQ systems offer options for fully automatic feed.

Software — The foundation for efficient production.

Software is becoming an increasingly important factor in the use of machines. To enable short routes and realize customer requirements to the best possible extent, the work preparation software and machine software used is entirely developed by WEINMANN. With the innovative powerTouch control system, the machines can be operated intuitively with a modern system.
The advantages at a glance:

  • Uniform software and operation for all machines
  • Exceptionally user-friendly with a simple structure and easily understandable programs; the machines are operated in the respective national language
  • Consistent solutions for integrating the machine into the manufacturing process
  • Modern software architecture

tapio — Get more out of production.

All machines and plants can be networked easily and quickly using the tapio ecosystem. The user decides whether and when this function should be used. tapio creates an open ecosystem for the entire woodworking industry. The customer therefore always has an overview of their entire production — regardless of the machine manufacturers or suppliers. As a tapio partner, various functions are available for our machines:

  • MachineBoard: Monitor machines optimally
    Using a smart phone, the machine operator can access all machine displays in real time.
  • DataSave: Shorten downtimes
    Store all important machine data in a safe area so that it can be accessed immediately if necessary.
  • ServiceBoard: Get interactive help quickly
    If error messages appear, the ServiceBoard can be used to contact the service partner directly and get live help immediately via a video connection.

The networking of the office and machines, the networking with one's customers, the networking of the machines with one another, the networking with suppliers and partners — all this networking enables our customers to produce their products more efficiently at a better price and quality.

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