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The complete timber work range – WEINMANN offers innovative Technologies

As the only manufacturer who offers both solutions for beam processing, for element construction and solid wood sector, WEINMANN has enhanced its products in every field.

Flexibility in beam processing with the carpentry machine WBZ 160 powerSIX

Equipped with the underfloor unit the WBZ 160 powerSIX is a machine that leaves virtually nothing to be desired. It offers great flexibility in beam processing and cutting tasks for timber frame constructions and post and beam constructions as well as in the machining of roof joists. Machining of all six sides without beam turning is possible. This does not only lead to increased accuracy, but also offers a great variety of processing options.

  • Versatile processing options:
    classic block house joints, dovetail connections on both sides on purlins, as well as blocking grooves on ridge beams
  • Easier handling:
    the work piece doesn’t need to be turned
  • Short cycle times:
    fast processing, reduced handling time

One machine, many functions –
Versatility in timber framing with the multifunction bridge WMS

The huge field of applications reveals that the WEINMANN multifunction bridge WMS is a real allrounder. From classical carpentry work to caravan production, the machine can be used for the automated fastening (nailing, clamping or also screwing)  and processing (sawing, routing, drilling, marking, labeling, gluing and sizing) of the sheathing. Various materials like e.g. sandwich elements or glulam can be manufactured easily and efficiently.


  • Fully automated panel precut with the multifunction bridge:
    The parts are processed to completion in one cycle at a high level of precision, meaning that time-consuming and error-prone manual post-processing is a task that can be consigned to the past. Furthermore, the finished parts can be destacked and sorted directly from the processing table without any further intermediate stations. This arrangement minimizes the personnel required for product handling to further reduce production costs. A further benefit is the fact that these nesting solutions open up some completely new processing options for customers, allowing them to manufacture even free contours and small parts quickly and easily.
  • Automated blowing in of insulation material:
    The combination of multifunction bridge and blow-in plate will make it possible to blow insulation material into elements that are open on one side. This will accelerate the user’s workflow significantly and considerably improve the utilization of the user’s multifunction bridge. But that’s not all: It will also represent a quantum leap in terms of precision, quality, flexibility and dynamics.

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