Uwe Elhaus: "Innovation will keep pace with trends"

Short interview with Uwe Elhaus, the head of electronic design at HOLZMA, a permanent member of the Board of Management and inventor of the camera-controlled scoring saw adjustment.

From idea to implementation is often a difficult path. But Uwe Elhaus did not give up and in the end he revolutionised the scoring saw adjustment.

Question: Mr Elhaus, what gave you the idea for your camera-controlled scoring saw adjustment system?
Elhaus: I wanted to achieve a faster and more precise adjustment of the scoring saw path. Initially I had a basic idea. Then for a few years, I allowed the idea to take shape and grow. Finally, I was at the point where I was able to offer the topic as subject for a thesis. After that, everything went very quickly. The development and test phase lasted for about a year. At LIGNA 2007, we finally presented the first series production machine. Since then, all machines in the new 5 series (HPP/HPL/HKL 530/550/570) are available with this system.

Question: Which trend is HOLZMA following with this innovation?

Elhaus: One clear trend is the move toward industrial image processing. The speed and quality of the photography and the subsequent digital image processing have improved enormously. For the first time, these systems are 100% reliable. As such, applications are now possible that were unthinkable only a few years ago. For example, image processing is now being incorporated into production processes at a rapid rate. This allows reject checks to be completed on production lines or multiple measuring tasks in just seconds.

Question: What benefit does the customer have from the camera-controlled scoring saw adjustment system?
Elhaus: The adjustment is now even more precise and, above all, faster. This reduces setup times: and as we all know, time is money! Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to rely on just a few individual machine operators – the system performs adjustments automatically, with increments of 100th of a millimetre possible. At the same time, the impact of individual materials and saw blades on cutting quality is also greatly reduced.

Question: What can we expect to see from you next?
Elhaus: Well obviously I can't tell you that. But it's certainly not the last idea I'll have ...

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