Unbelievable experience: HOMAG Treff

Integral solutions from the compact workshop to the networked batch size 1 plant alongside innovative stand-alone machine developments all contributed to making the LIGNA 2015 a show of superlatives – for woodworking shops and industry. Experience the highlights up close and in detail – at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2015.

HOMAG Treff in Schopfloch
From September 22–25, at an exhibition area spanning over 10,000 m² in Schopfloch, HOMAG is presenting innovative machines, plants, and service concepts. Fantastic insights into transparent production over an area of around 50,000 m² and the presentation of the new "CompetenceCenter Surface" will make a visit to the HOMAG Treff an experience not to be missed.

  • Small to large-scale solutions, all in line with the motto "Growing with the HOMAG Group", show that the main theme of LIGNA — furniture production on the way to Industry 4.0 — is not reserved exclusively for industrial businesses. Networked machines and integrated data flows are the key to being competitive today, regardless of whether the business is a small trade or an industrial operation.

Entry for woodworking shops

  • What are the first steps towards networking?
  • “Networked production” live: How the automated cell works.

High-performance industrial plants

  • How do flexible networked batch size 1 plants produce millions of variants today?
  • Experience the process from factory planning/ advice through individual plant realization including an integral software structure.
  • Design your own furniture! Data flow from the point of sale to the finished product.

3D cinema: World of woodworking
The LIGNA crowd pleaser in the InnovationCenter: Looking through 3D glasses, visitors are able to experience first hand how the HOMAG Group develops ground-breaking processes using ultra-modern technology, and what’s possible in terms of quality and efficiency improvement in the world of woodworking.

  • Technical features on single machines also have great potential for impressing Treff visitors this year:

Throughfeed processing of shaped components
Some furniture manufacturers require high numbers of shaped components – making CNC processing centers an uneconomical option. Here, new throughfeed machines developed for the HOMAG Treff offer a great alternative for shaped parts. Throughfeed processing is possible on components with simplified contours – contour depths of 400 mm and radii within the contour can be trimmed at a feed rate of 20 m/min.

Door rebate gluing using airTec and thick edges
Rebate edges with the optical zero joint: HOMAG has taken the airTec method a step further – specifically for door production. This is primarily in answer to rising quality expectations imposed on white doors – an ever more popular choice. The manufacture of an optical zero joint is possible here using melamine and ABS/PP edging material. The use of ABS edging materials (now also for rebate edges) with a thickness of up to 3 mm also means that longitudinal edges are now less susceptible to impact.

Ambition series edge banders
HOMAG is presenting the new KAL 370 edge banding machines providing individual solutions for trade and industry on an optimized platform with price and performance advantages. A range of equipment packages and smart unit combinations – such as gluing of solid moldings or processing of nesting parts – provide the ideal solution no matter what the application.

Grand opening: New “Surface CompetenceCenter”
There is also a focus on surface processing in the new "CompetenceCenter Surface". Anyone wanting to produce high-quality surfaces will be impressed by the sanding options offered by BÜTFERING as well as the surface lamination provided by the one-sided HOMAG laminating machine, not to mention the reacTec process and the latest technology for profile wrapping specialists.

HOMAG FKF 200 for even greater surface and material diversity
The automated flat laminating machine with roller application demonstrates almost unmanned coating of sheet material using an infeed system which is also ideally suited for processing high-gloss surfaces. Also on show: a laminating solution with reacTec nozzle application using the completeLine method. As a result, this method popular in the industrial sector is now economically viable for medium-sized enterprises too.

FRIZ: Experts in full wrapping
FRIZ will be demonstrating what is meant by high-grade 360° full wrapping on drawer components using EVA or PO hotmelt. This entails guiding the parts horizontally through the machine, lying flat and without vertical workpiece manipulation. This solution is already being successfully used by a large number of customers.

A „good grip“ on window production: The new HOMAG powerProfiler
HOMAG unveiled its new powerProfiler BMB 800/900 in July: A multi-talent with more scope and more power for window production. This completely re-engineered series packs a punch in terms of high performance in a minimum of space and scope for efficient processing of all components in a single machine. New gripping and clamping technology as well as added scope for profile design make for efficient, future-proof window production. Three models will be live in action at the HOMAG Treff.

The benefits:

  • The new gripping and clamping technology opens up new opportunities in profile design
  • High performance in a small space: simultaneous processing of multiple components, faster tool change, loading and removal in one place
  • Everything in one machine: integration of all components (straight parts, curved parts, doors and supplementary elements) 

CNC processing with the new Venture range
Venture CNC processing centers stand for customized technology – from the CNC entry level model through to the high-tech 5-axis processing center or machines with gluing technology. Today, users configure their own individual machine in just three steps, with freely combinable length, table type and gantry.
All HOMAG CNC processing centers are fitted with the new generation of extraction hoods. Providing optimized collection and removal of chips, these extraction hoods combine a better suction result with lower air requirements. This solution has reduced the energy required in sample processing by up to 30% while also improving the degree of suction by 25%.

High tech for flooring production with double-end tenoners
With a click profile on the longitudinal and head side, thanks to a peripheral chamfer, vinyl flooring can now hardly be distinguished from real plank flooring, and is also very easy to lay. The production line showcased at the HOMAG Treff is able to profile vinyl flooring, an increasingly popular flooring option, at speeds of up to 100 m/min. Also live demonstrated will be the new HOMAG narrow chain for profiling of narrow parts with up to 200 m/min, which has been presented at LIGNA.

HOLZMA Treff in Holzbronn
In keeping with the motto "We set the trends", HOLZMA is yet again presenting a number of innovative products at the in-house exhibition.

In batch size 1 production, the focus is on the HPS 320 flexTec — THE highlight of LIGNA for cutting processes adapted to customers' requirements.

With the new Series 6 for cutting large quantities quickly and extremely efficiently, HOLZMA proves that it can also make series machines; the series has been developed right on schedule to be presented to the public for the first time at the in-house exhibition.

In addition to many highlights for the trade (for example, the new HPP 130 and the new HPP 200), HOLZMA is also presenting Cut Rite V10, the brand-new release of its optimization software.

As usual, the exhibition also includes: the HOLZMA Service Team and numerous PRACTIVE innovations from the subsidiary companies of the HOMAG Group — BRANDT, WEEKE, HOMAG, and HOMAG Automation and eSOLUTION.

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