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Successfully transfer the own company into the networked world is often one of the biggest challenges. It is not only about to simply integrate a few digitized functions. The solution for this transformation often is extreme and will change existing business models every day. Sometimes, a new perspective is helpful to discover opportunities. Visit HOMAG at the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018 fair in Nuremberg in March.

Smart customers will automate

With our solutions, we create the decisive factors for success, irrespective of the company’s size:  

  • short throughput times,
  • stock reduction,
  • flexibility,
  • with simultaneously low production costs.

Even small manufacturing companies need solutions to create competitive advantages.

The material and data flows are the most important keys. The focal point of the production organization is the optimal utilization of operating machines and production centers. Intelligent software solutions connect operating cells using innovative feeding and destacking systems, robot supported pick & place applications, as well as automatic storage and collating systems.

Thus, production will become a coherent automated process offering great opportunities as networked production to assert, position, and consolidate in its market segment.


Storage technology STORETEQ S-200 at the HOLZ-HANDWERK

From craftsman who uses a storage system in the size of a double garage, up to industrially producing furniture manufacturer who operates a horizontal storage system with maximum dimensions - storage systems solve the logistical requirements at the beginning of the process chain.

Time saving, transparency, and cost control - storage systems solve logistics. STORETEQ S-200 (formerly TLF 211) and S-500 (formerly TLF 411) are our proven solutions in the storage technology and offer numerous advantages for production. The material flow will be optimized and material consumption will be reduced.

Advantages of the STORETEQ S-200: 

  • High material variety with one storage system
  • Quality and speed will be increased
  • Logistical processes become more transparent
  • A constant material overview is ensured
  • Material consumption is optimized up to offcut parts

Starting from the HOLZ-HANDWERK HOMAG will enable the maximum flexibility for the transport of different panel materials also for the smallest of the horizontal storage systems. The reason for this is the combination of the storage system STORETEQ S-200 with the suction traverse ST71 in X-geometry. Previously, this suction traverse was exclusively reserved for the next larger type STORETEQ S-500 including many of the outstanding possibilities to transport material.

Transport mistakes and relating false stocks are virtually excluded. In addition, the ejector technology of the suction traverse provides for economical energy consumption. The air flow is individually adjustable with selective points to each panel specialty. The calculated panel parameters are automatically stored in the system and recalled in the case of need.

Panels are stored into and removed from the horizontal storage, collated, or transferred to the connected operating machine quickly, fully automatic and precisely. Panel saws can easily be integrated via standard interfaces. Furthermore, by using horizontal storage systems, different transport systems can be combined through which additional operating machines will be integrated, or offcuts could be returned into the storage.

In brief: The storage decides and organizes the logistics so that operating machines can run optimally. Idle times are avoided due to a continuous material flow.


Return systems LOOPTEQ at the HOLZ-HANDWERK

A LOOPTEQ O-300 (formerly TLF 140) is the perfect supplement for unilateral edge banding machines as essential support for an economic workpiece return.

The LOOPTEQ O-300 is particularly simple to combine with an edge banding machine. Assemble, connect and start. An elaborate training is not necessary. Our return units are especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies, which want to make their production flexible. The perfect supplement for unilateral edge banding machines makes the production process more efficiently, whether for batch size 1, per lot, or serial production.

Advantages of the LOOPTEQ O-300:

  • Economic one-man operation
  • Continuous workpiece flow
  • Gentle workpiece handling
  • Ergonomic processes
  • Intuitive operation

The manual part handling is being reduced to minimum and particularly ergonomic thanks to the economic one-man operation. In addition, the automatic return unit of workpieces offers enough time for quality control. Because every workpiece is returned to the operator, thus enabling immediate reactions for material adaptation. Quality will increase.

Furthermore, the LOOPTEQ O-300 is characterized by gentle workpiece handling with air cushion table. The workpiece recognition identifies different panel sizes at the pusher by sensors. The pusher shoves the workpiece, depending on the size, over the air cushion table onto the return belt.

The transport of workpieces onto the return belt is facilitated by inclination of the air cushion table. Workpieces at the end of the table are turned exactly fitting onto the return belt by means of a rotating cone. At the same time, there is a more flexible possibility in workpiece sizes. From small and light up to large and heavy workpieces - the LOOPTEQ O-300 covers a broad spectrum of parts.

EDGETEQ and LOOPTEQ - Great effect in small space

Combined with the EDGETEQ series, the return unit is a system solution, which to be proud of. Even the entry version unfolds its effects in smallest space.

Automation of edge processing is precondition for more efficiency and is worthwhile for every factory. Tobias Vergeest: "The cell is used by factories that want to optimize their production. Those are small and medium-sized companies, as for example kitchen manufacturers, booth construction, equipment suppliers."

The workpiece flow will be optimized automatically and the personnel organization more flexible due to economical one-man-operation. In brief: The production process will be more slender and efficient. So, a "yes" to automation in edge banding lines is no question of the size of the company but prerequisite for more cost-effectiveness. This can be achieved in smallest space and answers the question for who a return unit is it worth it. For everyone who has got an edge banding machine.


Presses CABTEQ at the HOLZ-Handwerk

The CABTEQ S-250 (formerly MPH 450) is the perfect assembly aide for pressing of carcass furniture. The press has a wide range of applications, whether in furniture production, object and shopfitting, or in industrial special production.

Advantages of the CABTEQ S-250:

  • Space saving by practice-oriented design
  • Intuitive operation
  • Tight, precisely pressed carcasses
  • Avoidance of compressed air
  • Plug & Play

The practice-oriented machine design makes our presses especially space saving. So, the CABTEQ S-250 fits into every workshop. Its pressing lamellas work as a unit; they are placed on rubbers and suspended. Pressure is very evenly distributed due to the fact that the pressing lamellas simultaneously impinge on the carcass. Tolerances in the carcass are better absorbed. Dense carcasses are produced, which are precisely pressed and perfectly rectangular.

Operation is simple and doesn’t require prior knowledge. You only have to place the carcass into the press and press the start button. This will start the press process. Assemble, connect and start.

Two speeds provide particular efficiency. One approaching speed (rapid speed) and a pressing speed. The lamellas run from their starting position towards the pressing position shortly in front of the carcass by pressing the button for rapid speed. Then it is switched to pressing speed. The rapid speed enables more pressed carcasses per shift. In addition, the press force can be steplessly adjusted from 12 to 18 kN. The press forces can variably be adjusted by button depending on the carcass type. The operator gets a handy environment by means of a pre-plugging place and carcass erecting device. The ergonomic processes lead to a significantly reduced workload.


Packaging system PAQTEQ C-250 at the HOLZ-HANDWERK

The cardboard-box cutting machine PAQTEC C-250 (formerly VKS 250) enables individual, customized carton packaging for products - just in time. This creates an optimum in product protection and saves a lot of space, since from now on; it is being produced economically instead of expensively stored.

The cardboard-box cutting machines process automatically endless corrugated paper to exactly fitting folding cartons. In this process the endless cardboard may of course vary in width and paper quality. A huge advantage for the user, since the time-consuming resetting of endless cardboard is omitted. Furthermore, all endless cardboard stacks are equipped with an intelligent rest length management. The end of the carton web is automatically recognized in the magazine chute and displayed to the operator via the machine control. The operator will then decide whether he will immediately carry out the necessary stack change or whether the cardboard cutting machine continues for the time being, and the stack change will be effected at a later time, more favorable for production. In this case, the control will automatically take cardboard webs of the next larger width from another magazine chute. So, the cycle of packaging does not have to be interrupted unintentionally. Thus, a fitting “tailor-made suit” is manufactured for each product just in time, as individually as it may be.

Advantages of the PAQTEQ C-250:

  • Individuality - transports the own demand to the customer
  • Product protection - packed professionally and safe
  • Space-saving - cost-efficient production instead of expensive storing
  • Cost saving - accurately fitting packages, tightly calculated
  • Sustainability - cost-efficient, customized cardboards

The machine cuts, perforates and grooves in serial production as well efficient and reliable as in batch size 1 production. This is possible because the PAQTEQ works according to the so called single point principle and resets automatically as needed within short time. Furthermore it is possible to execute grooving and cutting in running direction of corrugated paper feed, and also transversal to running direction.

Up to 12 different cardboard types - that vary in thickness, width and print (printed or not printed) - can be provided by different feeding systems. This leads to a high variety in packaging with low offcuts and the corresponding material saving. Data provision is effected via different entry possibilities, from manually up to automatic 3D scan.

Simple operation that is fun

Operation of a cardboard cutting machine is fun. The operating concept powerTouch and the PAQTEQ control intelliCut enable a very easy machine operation. Time consuming training is not necessary. A positive side effect of a PAQTEQ C-250: According to customer statements, operators are bubbling with creativity in regard to new packaging possibilities.

Another source of inspiration to further optimize packaging is the PAQTEQ shop with more than 230 possible cardboard cuttings. The PAQTEQ shop is a modern service tool exclusively available for users. Packaging designs or individual service solutions can be ordered with only a few clicks. All packaging designs can easily be down loaded and directly assumed to the control. In addition, the cutting programs are equipped with essential performance indications and are visualized in 2D and 3D in the shop as well as directly in the machine. This too, makes the operation of the machine enormously easier.

The machine software intelliCut is easy to understand and operate. A graphic cutting pattern display with 3D carton graphic facilitates the handling. Cuttings already existing in PAQTEQ are automatically updated. The correct packaging design can immediately be accessed in the machine.

Software features as the automatic capture of consumable material and the determination of offcuts directly in the cardboard cutting machine have also a simplifying affect. Clearly represented graphical evaluations show a view of possible savings over a period of three months. Among others are displayed web widths and top 10 cuttings with the highest offcut. Even the waste disposal is no problem, because cutting rests are automatically fed out. This increases the process stability of the cardboard cutting machine and, as a result, reduces downtimes.

The PAQTEQ C-250 will be delivered as customer specific configurable machine. It can individually be extended in its equipment as required. Whether as individual machine or linked in packaging lines, PAQTEQ enables partly or fully automated packaging concepts.


woodStore7 - Mobile, Networked, User-friendly

If the suction traverse can be called the heart of a HOMAG storage system, woodStore is the brain of each storage system. The purchase system is transparently linked to the order processing, material is managed up to offcuts, movements are analyzed, the material flow is controlled and material movements are optimized in a constant self-regulation.

Impressive transparency in storage management

Even panels in external storage places are managed. So, each material is registered in the control with unambiguous data, such as storing position, number, quality, etc., beginning with new delivered material up to panels that are called manual offcuts. This means: Even panels, which aren’t physically in the horizontal storage system, can transparently be retrieved via the storage control with unequivocal allocation. Because offcuts, which in normal case, due to their small size put into the corner, lead a lonely existence, are cleanly stored by woodStore with unequivocal allocation and proposed with first priority for each suitable order.

So, the software organizes and monitors the whole stock of panel shaped material in the entire company. The transparency is impressive. Thanks to woodStore search and handling times are significantly reduced over the complete range of stored panels. At the same time, personnel commitment around operating machines is reduced to minimum.

In version 7, HOMAG continues focusing on operator convenience, safety and process optimization with woodStore. The different tools offer solutions for more optimization in the material management in the whole system storage - operating machine and, at the same time, strengthen the user safety.

More flexibility thanks to mobile operation of the storage system

Particularly noteworthy is the “mobile operation”. Using it, customers have the opportunity to operate the storage completely mobile. Storing and removal orders, for example, can be directly controlled from the mobile application, a tablet, smartphone, etc. Different messages, such as production lists are also available, or you can get information about the various statistics that are provided by the storage system.

The decisive advantage for the customer is clearly the flexibility. Where formerly all actions had to be carried out directly at a storage terminal, now, only access to the company’s wireless LAN is necessary to use the mobile operation.

Noteworthy in this context is the production analysis integrated into woodStore7. Adjusted to customer's specific production conditions, the woodStore Analyzer evaluates the whole storage movements and presents on this base how efficiently the storage works. The associated "expert system" generates different strategies on the base of this evaluation and gives tips on how to optimize the efficiency of the storage.


Opportunities of the new perspective

Sometimes, a new perspective is helpful to discover opportunities. Our automation solutions ensure the quality of the products to be manufactured. They work with the utmost precision and take over heavy work. Productivity is clearly increased. So, our customers remain especially one thing: Strong in competition. We achieve this particularly by interlinking the individual production lines.

The material flow will continuously be optimized. A crucial market advantage is created. Thus, our linked automation solutions are perfect for individual customer requirements, for productivity increase, and the staff’s physical relieve.

Our technology is in particular interesting due to the following four aspects: 

  • Efficiency: Savings of enormous production costs by targeted automation. Investments pay off in only a few years and competitiveness remains secure.
  • Time: Our automation solutions can operate 24 hours, 7 days a week without further ado. In doing so, many products are manufactured particularly fast and help to develop new business models.
  • Space: Our automation solutions save valuable space especially in the storage technology and in sorting & collating, which is particularly rare and expensive in some regions.
  • Precision: Even well established joinery workshops opt for automation from HOMAG. Because they ensure a particularly well combination of craftsmanship and future technologies.

The networking of office and machines, the networking with the own customers, the networking of machines with each other, the networking with suppliers and partners allows our customers to produce better quality, cheaper and more effective.

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