The Brain of every Storage System: woodStore7 - Mobile, networked, user-friendly

It is the brain of each HOMAG horizontal storage system, and was first presented in the new version at the LIGNA 2017 - woodStore7. In the version 7 particular changes have been made in the fields of operator convenience and safety, and in process optimization.

If the suction traverse can be called the heart of a HOMAG storage system, woodStore is its brain.

The purchase system is transparently linked to the order processing, material is managed up to offcuts, movements are analyzed, the material flow is controlled and material movements are optimized in a constant self-regulation. Even panels in external storage places are managed. So, each material is registered in the control with unambiguous data, such as storing position, number, quality, etc., beginning with new delivered material up to panels that are called manual offcuts.

Means: Even panels, which aren't physically in the horizontal storage system are memorized in the system with unequivocal allocation and can transparently be retrieved via the storage control. Because offcuts, which in normal case, due to their small size put into the corner, lead a lonely existence, are cleanly stored by woodStore with unequivocal allocation and proposed with first priority for each suitable order.

So, the software organizes and monitors the whole stock of panel shaped material in the entire company. The transparency is impressive. Thanks to woodStore search and handling times are significantly reduced over the complete range of stored panels. At the same time, personnel commitment around operating machines is reduced to minimum.

Focus is clearly on the operator

In version 7, HOMAG focuses even more on operator convenience, safety and process optimization with woodStore. Now, the new tools offer solutions for more optimization in the material management in the whole system storage - operating machine and, at the same time, strengthen the user safety.

A particularly noteworthy tool is one of the innovations - "mobile operation". Thomas Gerdts, Senior Manager HOMAG Automation: "With version woodStore7 customers have the opportunity to operate the storage completely mobile. Storing and removal orders, for example, can be directly controlled from the mobile application, such as a tablet, smartphone, etc. Different messages, such as production lists are also available, or you can get information about the various statistics and evaluations that are provided by the storage."

The decisive advantage for the customer - clearly the new flexibility gained. Where formerly all actions had to be carried out directly at a storage terminal, now, only access to the company's wireless LAN is necessary to use the storage system via the mobile operation.

Analysis and Expert System are now integrated

Noteworthy in this context is the production analysis new integrated into woodStore7. Adjusted to customer's specific process conditions, woodStore Analyzer evaluates the whole storage movements and present on this base how efficiently the storage works. For this purpose, the main functions of the storage for a selectable period of time are scrutinized and analyzed if the storage system is optimally used by the customer. If the analysis reports a need for improvement, the so called "expert system" generates different strategies on the base of this evaluation and gives tips on how to optimize the efficiency of the storage - brilliant. 

Interview: woodStore7 - The "brain" of every HOMAG storage system

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